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Merlin new adventure

January 2021 The Adventure Begins

Every year, January’s new beginnings energy (1-vibration) encourages you to make a new year’s resolution, a new vision for the year. You set goals to …

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Merlin new adventure

Numerology Forecast 2021 Pivot Your Destiny

Hang on to your “hat”, 2021 is going to be a very exciting year! Some of the key words to watch for this year will …

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The Numerology of the New Year

Podcast on December 11, 2020 Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist Laura Strong, Host Sponsored by Metamorphosis Center Within the practice of numerology, every calendar year is …

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December 2020 Master Creative Skills

It’s time to celebrate with joy! You have made it through 2020! December has always been the month to gather with family and friends to …

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Angels whispering 2019

November 2020 Master Angel Messages

Do you believe angels share messages with you to help you make it through the day? Do you believe you may have spiritual guides sending …

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October 2020 Master New Opportunities

Have you become aware there may be new opportunities appearing on your path everywhere, every day? Yes, it is true! Your conscious awareness sees these …

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September 2020 Master Your Transitions

Transitions? Yes! Transition is the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another. This month it is time to let go …

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August 2020 Master Your Power

Wow what an awesome thought! Your power? Do you know what the personal power resources are that you have that you could master? Something for …

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July 2020 Master Your Intuition

Once you master your intuition, you will have a trusted source of information to guide you with many of your personal and professional decisions. Mastering your intuition can be …

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June 2020 Master Healthy Boundaries

Wow after 3 months of hibernating, we are free to move out of our shelter in place! Yea… This is really good news for all …

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Be the Master

May 2020 Mastering Radical Change

Are you ready to shift gears? Our global rhythms with socializing, economics, working, schooling, and sports activities have been interrupted, changed, and canceled! I believe …

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Intuitive Living podcast cover

Intuitive Living Podcast with Wes Hamilton

Listen to Wes Hamilton on the Intutive Living podcast by clicking play below. Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter …

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I See Hope podcast about Destiny Updates

Destiny Updates 2020

Listen to Wes Hamilton on the I See Hope – Empowering Positive Change podcast as he co-hosts with Lori Lorenz on a weekly series called …

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Purpose Toad

April 2020 Master Your Mindset

Last month in March, the wisdom of numerology wanted you to know when you become aware of your innate creative abilities, you can begin to …

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Pegasus Mexico

March 2020 Manifest Your Creativity

It’s time to take a break from responsibilities and have some fun expressing your innate creative talents and skills. Yes, you really do have creative …

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