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Connection to the Cosmos with Dr. Lisa Thompson and Wes Hamilton

Connection to the Cosmos with Dr. Lisa Thompson and Wes Hamilton Join me for an “out of this world” conversation with Master Numerologist, Wes Hamilton. …

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March 2023 Forecast - Create Your Future - podcast cover

March 2023 Forecast – Create Your Future

March being the 3rd month of each year uses the creative 3-vibrational energy. It inspires you to unleash your creative spirit and give it the freedom it needs to create something that makes you happy. Numerology’s wisdom tells us that when you align yourself with creative ideas and dreams, magic happens. Soon you surprise yourself by making your dreams turn into a reality for you to experience.

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February 2023 Forecast - LoveThy Self

February 2023 Forecast – Love Thy Self

Now is the time to slow down and spend more time with you so that you can explore the greater aspects of who you are being. Remember 2023 is asking you to know thy self by investing more time looking in the mirror, by looking deeply into your eyes. This is important because your eyes are the windows to your soul. Your soul is the source, the core of who you are. The Greek philosopher and wise master Aristotle (384BC-322BC) is quoted saying “Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom”. When you know who you are, you can begin to accept and love yourself.

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Woman Jan 2023 Forecast - Know Thyself

2023 Forecast – Know Thyself

You have a powerful new vibrational energy to align yourself within 2023. The mystical energy of 7 is the energy known to be used by the Masters, Muses, and Wizards. Last year in 2022 it was time for you to heal your differences so that you let go of conflict. Once you are no longer troubled by conflict, it’s time to explore the deeper aspects of who you are. The energy of 2023 is vibrating at a very high 7- vibrational frequency. It is raising you into the 4th and 5th dimension consciousness so that you will be inspired to Know Thy Self.

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Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

Meet me at the Aurapalooza

Want to see Numerology in action? Stop by the monthly Aurapalooza in Minneapolis, MN to get a Numerology mini-reading from Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist. You can see how his …

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Woman Jan 2023 Forecast - Know Thyself

LHSC Event – Using Numerology to Explore the Energy for 2023

Wes is the spiritual motivation speaker at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Center on January 29, 2023, at 10:30a. His talk is about, “Using Numerology to Explore the Energy for 2023 Showing Us it’s Time to Know Thyself”

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Dec 2022 Forecast - Celebrate Your Healings

December 2022 – Celebrate Your Healings

December being the 12th month of the year vibrates to the energy of celebrations. This happens because December is the 12th month and numerology shows you that when you add 1+2, it equals 3. The 3-vibrational energy says it’s time to celebrate, be creative, and come together with food, drink, and playful gatherings.

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Nov 2022 Forecast - Spiritual Listening Heals

November 2022 – Spiritual Listening Heals

Numerology makes you aware that November is always a high vibrational energy. Why so? Because November is the 11th month of the year, and the 11/2 vibrational energy creates an opportunity for you to “listen” with more of your innate senses to the world you live in today. Listening involves your attention, being present, nurturing, devotion, and wonder.

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Oct 2022 Forecast - New Beginnings Heal

October 2022 – New Beginnings Heal

If you are wanting and praying for something new in your life to happen, October’s vibrational new 10-energy will amp up your opportunity to make it happen. October being the tenth month of the year brings the 1-creative vibrational energy plus all things are possible 0-God vibrational energy together. When you get clear on what you want to create, magic happens.

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What's My Personal Forecast cover

September 2022 Special Edition – What’s My Personal Forecast

Ever feel like the world is a blur and you stumble through your life just missing opportunities? Want clarity? Good timing? Confidence? Learn three numerology secrets that may help you gain clarity.

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Letting Go Heals - Sept 2022

September 2022 – Letting Go Heals

September being the ninth month of the year radiates the 9-vibrational energy of completion reminding you once again to do a deeper self-reflection in your life. By doing this you will become more aware of things you may be holding on to that could perhaps keep you from moving forward in your life. Often the feelings of responsibility become the energetic energies that keep you tied to something or someone way too long past their due date of completion.

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Power to Manifest - August 2022

August 2022 – Power to Manifest

If you have been waiting for an opportune time to manifest your dreams, August has the vibrational energy you need to help you energize your goals. Numerology tells us that August has the powerful vibrational energy of abundance, accomplishment, and manifestation. In Astrology, this year August has the strong action-oriented energy of the majestic lion so taking focused action will be the key to your manifesting success.

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Self-Reflection Heals - July 2022 v3

July 2022 – Self-Reflection Heals

Numerology is always giving you insights about where you are in life so that you can be prepared to take advantage of opportunities and options to increase your joy. July is the 7th month of the year and the energy of 7 encourages you to take a “time-out” of your busy schedule to ask yourself a bigger question. The deeper questions, “Who am I? What is my Destiny?” need to be asked sometime. Now is the time when the energy is in alignment for you to receive a really good answer.

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June 2022 Joy Inspires Healing

June 2022 – Joy Inspires Healing

June, being the 6th month brings its heartfelt 6-vibrational energy message reminding us that the energy of joy inspires healing. Here is what Wikipedia says about Joy. “The word joy refers to the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune, and is typically associated with feelings of intense, long-lasting happiness. Numerology shows us how this joy energy is being created. The vibrational energy of 2022 = 6, added to the vibrational energy of June = 6 merged becomes 12/3 and the 3 vibrational energy radiates with joy!

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#095 MayJune 2022 Energy Cycles with Wes Hamilton

Intuitive Living 095 May-June Energy Cycles With Wes Hamilton

Listen to “Intuitive Living -095 – Wes Hamilton” on Spreaker. May/June 2022 Energy Cycles Bobby Sullivan, Echo Bodine, and Wes Hamilton on Episode 095 of …

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