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2024 Mar Forecast FG

2024 March Forecast – Manifest Your Creativity

Creativity! Like to be creative? Listen to the words you might be saying to yourself. “I’m not creative, I can’t draw, sing, or play a ...
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2024 Feb Forecast FG

February 2024 Forecast – Manifest Supportive Relationships

2024 is your year to manifest your desires, so what better way to get started than manifesting happy, healthy, supportive relationships! Having a family member, ...
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2024 Forecast FG

2024 Forecast – Manifest Your Desires

What a powerful year this will be for you as you discover the many great manifesting opportunities that are waiting for you to create and ...
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December 2023 FG

December 2023 Forecast – Graduate and Celebrate

December’s 12/3 creative vibrational energy wants you to create times this month to celebrate you. You have reached a major milestone by graduating from 2023’s ...
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November 2023 FG

November 2023 Forecast – Awaken Your Intuition

Angels will be pestering you a lot this month. Why do I know this is going to be happening? Because November being the 11th month ...
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WEs Hamilton's October 2023 Forecast

October 2023 – Explore New Opportunities

This year numerology has been asking you to dedicate a good share of your time to becoming more self-aware during your everyday activities. Numerology has ...
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September 2023 Forecast FG

September 2023 – Time to Transition

It’s that time again, September is telling you that this is the time of the year to make plans to complete what you have been ...
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August 2023 Forecast FG

August 2023 Forecast – Power to Manifest

If you have been hoping and dreaming to bring something into your life, the 8-vibrational energy of August will supply you with the manifesting energy ...
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July - Time for Magic FG

July 2023 Forecast – Time for Magic

July’s vibrational 7- energy loves to work with magic inspiring mystical ways of conjuring up what may look like miracles. Yes, we all have access ...
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June - Balance Your Responsibilities

June 2023 Forecast – Balance Your Responsibilities

June’s warm, welcome 6-vibrational energy will encourage you to spend more time with family and friends. This month you have lots of extra daylight to ...
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May 2023 Forecast - Change Inspires Freedom

May 2023 Forecast – Change Inspires Freedom

In May you will be offered time out, a break from following the rules and staying on task to know thy self. May’s 5-vibrational energy ...
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17 Frequency Project Podcast

17 Frequency Project Podcast Featuring Wes Hamilton

Joe Kean and David interviewed Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist about how numerology uses the frequencies of a person's name and birthdate. This frequency information can ...
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The Science Behind Numerology Podcast

The Science Behind Numerology – Changing Your Life

Watch this recorded streaming live episode hosted by Sandeep Verma, on the YouTube @StyleRug channel, and featuring Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist.
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April 2023 Forecast FG

April 2023 Forecast – Plan Your Journey

March being the 3rd month of each year uses the creative 3-vibrational energy. It inspires you to unleash your creative spirit and give it the ...
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cosmos podcast cover

Connection to the Cosmos with Dr. Lisa Thompson and Wes Hamilton

Connection to the Cosmos with Dr. Lisa Thompson and Wes Hamilton Join me for an “out of this world” conversation with Master Numerologist, Wes Hamilton. ...
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