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May 2022 Prepare for Changes

May 2022 – Prepare for Changes

Hang on, shifts and changes are happening this month! May being the 5th month has a strong disruptive vibrational energy designed to break up old patterns. May brings chaos! The good news is without change we would be stuck in boring and restrictive patterns just like in the movie “Groundhog Day”. Changes are easier to deal with when you have a heads up that they are on the way.

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Balance Creates Healing

April 2022 – Balance Creates Healing

There are a lot of changes and challenges happening in the world this year and that can become very unsettling and downright depressing. In the first 3 months of this year, the chaotic 5-energy of last year, 2021, was vibrating at a frequency to keep us off balance. However, 2022’s 6 -healing vibrational energy is doing its best to bring us back into balance. This coming back to balance transition is happening so that we can make plans to start working to rebuild our personal, professional, community, and global lives.

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Heal & Create

Heal and Create

In 2022, we as a collective consciousness are being inspired to heal our differences. March being the 3rd month of the year is vibrating with a powerful creative vibration. This 3-vibration is inspiring you to open your creative abilities to heal your differences. Numerology is always making you aware of how using vibrational energy will enhance your natural passions and desires to experience peace, harmony, abundance, and joy.

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Love Heals Differences - bears

Love Heals Differences

Light Workers, Healers, Shamans, Wizards, Oracles, Masters, Spiritual Leaders, and Teachers, we need your help! This year, the 6-vibrational energies of 2022 are encouraging all of us to heal our differences. This is a very important message for you to remember because each month the vibrational energies will shift giving you options and choices to facilitate the healing of people’s differences in your own unique way!

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2022 heal our differences -business group

2022 Heal Our Differences

In 2017 the wisdom of Numerology alerted us that it is time for all of us to embrace our innate skills of being more of a humanitarian global culture. The vibrational energy of our current 2000 millennium is prompting us to come together as co-creators of our future. The 2 vibrational energy inspires us to think and act as a “we” culture. I believe for this to happen we need to take advantage of this year’s “we” energy and use all these 2 vibrational energies that 2022 has to offer. I believe for us to accomplish this; we must heal our differences!

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Back in the Game - door

December 2021 Back in the Game

December 2021 Back in the Game 2021 has been challenging for many people. Lots of changes both personal and professional happened, lots of real and …

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master your listening

November 2021 Master your Listening

Numerology alert!!! November has a double dose of spiritual energetic vibrations happening this month. For the first dose of vibrational energy awareness, it is important …

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Get Out of the Weeds - Pivot - October copy

October 2021 Time to Pivot

It’s time for you to hunker down and get serious about moving forward with your life. Everything has changed. In 2020 (during the vibrational 4-energy) …

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Complete your adventure

September 2021 Complete Your Adventure

September’s 9-energy says it’s time to wrap things up! If you pay attention to nature, the signs of wrapping things up are everywhere. Trees transform …

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Power to Transform

Power to Transform

It’s time for you to get clear and focus on what you want and act in August! The 8-vibrational energy this month gives you an …

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Create Mindful Moments lavender

July 2021 Create Mindful Moments

Are you okay with taking a break from last months’ Time To Hug Again energy? July is coaxing you to pause, reflect, and create mindful …

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June 2021 Hugging (1)

June 2021 Time to Hug Again

This year you will be continuously vibrating to the adventurous energy of the number 5. This year you will be experiencing many shifts in energy …

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Changes Inspire Adventures (1)

May 2021 Change inspires Adventure

When is the last time you went on a new adventure? Perhaps you are overdue! I am excited to tell you that this year the …

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Reimagine Your Life

April 2021 Reimagine Your Life

This month there is a powerful combination of energy happening that offers you an opportunity to reimagine your life. It’s important for you to remember …

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March 2021 Powers of Creativity

In 2021 March’s 3 vibrational energy will inspire you to explore your innate power to create your life the way you dream it could be. …

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