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July 2023 Forecast - Time for Magic

July’s vibrational 7- energy loves to work with magic inspiring mystical ways of conjuring up what may look like miracles. Yes, we all have access to magic. You can either watch it in action or believe you have a few innate magical qualities to manifest your dreams into reality. The 7-vibrational energy of July activates supernatural powers for you to use when necessary.

Numerology tells us the mystical 7 vibrational energy reaches outside of everyday thinking and doing to make things happen. Magic happens when you believe in magic because it appears to influence the course of events using supernatural powers. It is my belief that magic happens every day once you open your mind and allow the world of wonder to work with you and your dreams.

Remember, 2023 also has the 7- vibrational energy this year and is asking you to know thy self. What if you take a leap of faith this year? Step outside of your skeptical comfortable zone and allow some magic into your life. This year that opportunity has a very high success rate vibration for you to bring magic into your life.

Why this year? When you infuse the 7-vibrational energy of 2023 with the 7-vibrational energy of July (7+7=14/5), the result becomes a powerful karmic rebellious energy to make changes happen very quickly! This karmic 14/5 energy is not focused on tradition or practicum. It just wants to see what will happen when unexpected changes take place in your life.

As you ponder this idea of allowing magic to be a new factor in your life, I would suggest you give magic a try. The result is you get to practice spending some time each day reflecting, observing, and exploring how nature is always using magic to manifest its needs. What we call magic is a natural process of working with universal principles of inspiration, clarity, and intention.

Working with magic requires you to become open and receptive to experiencing what might look like coincidences or miracles without questions about how, what, or why. When you allow this, you begin to believe in magic. Listening is another important piece of this practice. It’s time to listen to the small inner voice of God inspiring you to watch and be amazed as magic works its wonders for you.

Throughout your journey into the world of magic this month, you will be confronted with the mental and emotional energy known as trust. You need to know the 7-vibrational energy also works with discerning what is the truth and building trust in the belief that what you experience is real. Knowing this is the path to believing in magic, you will be challenged many times to trust and use magical practices enough to arrive at a place of, yes, magic works. This is the path you must take so that you become a believer in the mysteries of the universe.

Wes Hamilton

Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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Time for Magic

Merlin & the Muse have created a meditation for you to use to activate your ability to access your inner magic.

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