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Imagine what it would be like to know more about the best time to take action and the best directions to go.

Watch the 2024 Numerology Forecast and Interview

On Enough is Enough Episode #13 on January 2, 2024, Echo Bodine interviews Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist about his 2024 Numerology Forecast.

What People are Saying…

Wow!  Great show.  We’ve been listening to a few more NDE (I had one) experiences on Your Soul”s Next Level.as well as people who channel Angels, Arch Angels, etc. 
The last few days were channeled by a top psychic in the UK.  She brings in large groups of pleadians.  Not only did they say the Earth is bringing in much higher vibrations as we enter into the 4th & 5th dimensions (mirroring what you said).  In order to tap into this…you must know yourself & have worked on your ego.  It’s all about unconditional Love. 
You have helped me through so much inner work last year.  Now I see why it was so important.  At times, I was too close to see the message as I stared at my lessons.  Your work with us on 3-6-9 was profound.  I now see why this year is a year we’ve waited for so long for.  Your info is so accurate & your guidance is deeply appreciated. 
For years I floundered.  Now we have a knowing of  our best path & the best ways to manifest our best lives.  You’ve made our individual lives so much better which in turn makes our family lives together even better.  Amazing.   We’re excited to see where we go this New Year!   Thank you!   Your thoughtful Guidance & Kindness are greatly appreciated.  You make it look so easy.  It is Magical.  We are grateful.  

– J. Meyer

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