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2024 July Forecast - Manifest Your Inner Guidance

In this seemingly self-centered month, you will be seeking – and finding – a direction that feels right for you. A more serious side of your nature will emerge, along with a stark awareness that the status quo is simply not good enough anymore.

Instead of rushing out to find new opportunities, be patient and wait for opportunity to come to you. Trying to force yourself ahead will result in the same old feelings of dissatisfaction you thought your forcing would eliminate. This is not a time to do – it is a time to be aware of who you are.

Slow yourself down and admit that you feel lost on life’s great churning ocean. You are not sure of what you want, and even if you are sure, you know you’re never going to get it unless you make a serious commitment to it. Do not panic. Being lost may be the only way to find out where you are – which is exactly where you are meant to be. You are on schedule. July’s energy enables you to discover how perfect you and your life can become when your powerful intuition teams up with your willful knowledge

July’s 7-vibrational energy is inspiring you to become more self-aware of your innate GPS that is always doing its best to guide you every day. Have you ever felt a nudge, a whisper, or an inexplicable knowing that guided your decisions? That’s your intuition—the compass of your soul. In this forecast, I’ll delve into the magic of intuition, gut feelings, and the subtle senses that reside within.

July’s inner guidance is sending you subtle “pings” to:

  1. Trust Your Gut – Have you ever had a gut feeling? That’s your “enteric brain,” a network of neurons lining your digestive tract. It communicates with your cranial brains sending signals about safety, danger, and alignment. Practice: When faced with choices, notice how your gut responds. Does it tighten or expand? Trust its wisdom.
  2. Listen to Whispers of Energy – We’re more than our five senses. We sense energy—subtle vibrations that guide us. Have you ever walked into a room and felt its mood? That’s your energetic radar. Practice: Tune in. Feel the vibes of people, places, and situations. Notice what resonates and what feels off.
  3. Dreams and Symbols – Messages from the Unseen – Dreams are portals to deeper truths. Symbolic language is spoken through them. Pay attention to recurring symbols—they are coded messages from your higher self. Practice: Keep a dream journal. Decode symbols. Trust that your dreams hold keys to your path.
  4. Nature’s Whispers – Conversations with Earth – Nature speaks in rustling leaves, babbling brooks, and birdsong. Connect with the elements—their wisdom is ancient and timeless. Practice: Spend time outdoors. Listen. Observe. Let the wind carry secrets to your soul.

Remember, intuition isn’t about predicting lottery numbers or avoiding traffic jams. It’s about aligning with your soul’s purpose. Trust the whispers, honor the nudges, and let your inner compass lead you toward magic and fulfillment.

Wes Hamilton
~Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

2024 July Meditation - Manifest Your Inner Guidance

Merlin & the Muse have created a meditation for you to use to manifest your inner guidance.

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