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February 2024 Forecast - Manifest Supportive Relationships

2024 is your year to manifest your desires, so what better way to get started than manifesting happy, healthy, supportive relationships! Having a family member, work mate, peer, and or friend you can count on to be there when you need them is one of the greatest experiences you will have in your life. On another note, one of the most important relationships that often gets overlooked is having that supportive relationship with yourself.

Each year February’s vibrational 2-energy reminds you to foster new relationships to support you on your journey. It’s also important that you appreciate the relationships you have by reconnecting with them and letting them know how grateful you are to have them in your life. To show your appreciation for the very special relationships in your life, you have Valentine’s Day on February 14th to show your love, gratitude, and support.

The wisdom of numerology explains that February’s vibrational 2-energy is dedicated to bringing people together for mutual benefit. This 2-energy radiates a very sensitive, emotional, and collaborative frequency that draws together win-win outcomes for all involved. This energy acts like a spiritual diplomat that negotiates successful, collaborative, supportive, and agreeable outcomes.

In 2024, February’s 2-energy also suggests you look inward to the most often overlooked relationship to revisit, that is the relationship with yourself. The wisdom of numerology reminds you that when you add the vibrational energy of 2024=8 to the February 2-vibrational energy, it becomes the 10/1-vibrational energy. This inspires you to start something new this month. Perhaps a deeper relationship with you?

Last February in 2023 when you were learning more about “Knowing Thyself” numerology gave you some great insights about how to build a better relationship with you. I suggest you go to my Forecast blog to refresh your memory. Click on Forecast in the top menu and scroll down to February 2023 “Love Thy Self.”

Here is some interesting information about the benefits you will gain and have by manifesting supportive relationships, especially the relationship with yourself.

  • Lower levels of anxiety (someone is there to talk about your concerns, releases energy)
  • Higher self-esteem (someone is there to help you keep your vibrational energy high)
  • Greater empathy (someone is there to share your feelings and understand their feelings)
  • Strengthen your immune system (you feel supported and loved which generates a higher vibrational energy for your physical, emotional, and mental body)

Manifesting and maintaining supportive relationships will bring you lots of peace, abundance, and joy. This creates a strong foundation for yourself and your relationships. This foundation blueprint can act as your guideline as you create and develop supportive relationships. As you set clear expectations of each other and develop trusting communications, you can create space for exploring growth and opportunities. Supportive relationships rock!

~Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologis

Merlin & the Muse have created a meditation for you to use to manifest supportive relationships.

Click the image above to watch the video.

Be sure to click the button below to download the PDF handout for this meditation.

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