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Your Beginner WitchFollowingJul 16 · 6 min read Type of activity: Numerology TL;DR my experience: Numerology is a weirdly spot-on tool that can shed insight into how you’re living your …

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October 2019 Awakenings Create Joy

Hopefully, last month, you have experienced and completed September’s 9-month energies of feeling physical, mental and emotional transitions. Numerology identifies these transitions with personal chart …

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timing, purpose, and direction

Transitions Create Joy

Transitions are not always easy to make happen when you are not sure what lies behind the next doorway to your future. Most of the …

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Listen For Clues

August 2019 Solutions create Joy

Can you remember a time when you were stressed out with a problem that seemed to be sucking the life out of you? Do you …

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July 2019 Meditation Creates Joy

July being the 7th month of the year reminds you to slow down to rest, take a few moments to reflect and to contemplate your present …

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June 2019 Commitments create Joy

As you may be well aware of June has been and still is one of the most popular months of the year to get married. …

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May 2019 Imagining creates Joy

How often do you give yourself a few moments to imagine or dream about how you would like your day to go? Or perhaps how …

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Manifest With Joy

Did you know manifesting is something you do all day long? Seriously, at some level of your awareness your life is exactly what you manifested! …

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Angels whispering 2019

March 2019 Co-Create with Joy

I believe March, being our 3rd month always brings an extra uplifting vibrational energy of joy. Numerology reveals that the vibrational energy of 3 encourages …

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February 2019 Connect To Joy

If you had one goal, and that was to feel good, you would never again need to hear another word from anyone. You would live …

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Chart Your Destiny training

Chart Your Destiny

Level 1 – Authorized Numerologist Training Program along with my “WhatsMyDestiny” app. Designed for coaches and people who desire to use numerology in their practice. I will …

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2019 Power Of Joy

Throughout 2019 you will be offered many powerful opportunities to create, celebrate and share the power of JOY! Gautama Buddha said, “[Joy is] the emotionaldimension of the …

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Listen and Celebrate

I hope you have been actively listening this year. 2018’s vibrational energy is a Master 11/2 energy that has been inspiring you to become a …

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November 2018 – Listen For Purpose

This year there is a rare vibrational energy happening in November and this rare energy opportunity will not occur again until 2027! If you have …

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