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June 2023 Forecast - Balance Your Responsibilities

June’s warm, welcome 6-vibrational energy will encourage you to spend more time with family and friends. This month you have lots of extra daylight to erase the challenging winter memories. The vibrational 6-energy awakens your heart chakra so that you will radiate your innate caring, sharing, and healing love vibrations to everyone you spend time with while you are together.

This year’s 2023 vibrational 7-energy is encouraging you to also spend some quality time getting to know thy self. Keeping this in mind, June’s vibrational energy wants you to take a good look at who or what you are connected to because you have a strong sense of personal responsibility. Your assumed responsibility can look like it’s your job to make sure everyone and everything is feeling safe, secure, and loved.

It’s natural for all of us to feel some responsibility to our immediate family. However, when your sense of responsibility grows to the point of overreacting to the choices they make, that’s a good time to step away from the situation. Ask yourself, is this really my responsibility? Is this my job to insert my thoughts, judgements, and opinions? Remember, this year’s message to know thy self.

What are we responsible for, you may ask? From all my research, I believe we are responsible for ourselves first and foremost. I believe we must spend a good share of our day getting to know more about who we are and what we are here to be doing. I know for most people that I know, that thought process is not even on their radar to be watching for at all.

I believe that most of our upbringing taught us think of others first. Learning this valuable practice is what makes a family and a community feel connected and supported, and that is a good thing. The challenging part of this teaching comes when we lose our balance by being more responsible for others and not ourselves. Remember, when you’re taking a plane ride if trouble should occur, your flight attendant instructs you to put your own oxygen mask on first. Then you help others.

Here is another aspect that is happening this month for you. The 7-vibrational energy of 2023 is merging with the 6-vibrational energy of June. This creates a karmic energy vibration of 7 + 6 = 13/4. This Karmic 13/4-vibration is prompting you to transform whatever old patterns and behaviors you are working with around balancing your responsibilities. Here is how this works, the 1-energy represents you. The 3-energy represents activating your creative energy. The 4-energy is asking you to reformat, rebuild, and reprogram so that you can transform yourself from your old ways of responding to new self-aware creative responses.

Remember June is all about coming together to celebrate, share, and enjoy the gifts of sunshine and mother earth. We all have responsibilities to be stewards for mother earth. June’s Summer Solstice energy provides the energy of balance. When you understand this is happening, you know the stars are aligned for you to successfully balance your responsibilities.

Wes Hamilton

Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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