Wes Hamilton

Wes Hamilton

2024 April Forecast – Manifest Being Mindful

Finding moments of stillness and self-awareness can be challenging in our fast-paced lives. Mindfulness offers a powerful tool to navigate the chaos, connect with the present, and enhance our overall well-being. As we step into April’s 4-vibrational energy, let’s explore how we can cultivate mindfulness and manifest it in our daily lives. It can reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance our emotional resilience.

2024 March Forecast – Manifest Your Creativity

Creativity! Like to be creative? Listen to the words you might be saying to yourself. “I’m not creative, I can’t draw, sing, or play a musical instrument!” You may be limiting your thinking by having a fixed mindset about being creative. You need to explore the idea that every thought you have sets creativity into motion by activating your imagination. When you activate your imagination, your mind can become creative and resourceful.

February 2024 Forecast – Manifest Supportive Relationships

2024 is your year to manifest your desires, so what better way to get started than manifesting happy, healthy, supportive relationships! Having a family member, work mate, peer, and or friend you can count on to be there when you need them is one of the greatest experiences you will have in your life. On another note, one of the most important relationships that often gets overlooked is having that supportive relationship with yourself.

November 2023 Forecast – Awaken Your Intuition

Angels will be pestering you a lot this month. Why do I know this is going to be happening? Because November being the 11th month of the year vibrates to the master number 11/2. This master number is the first in a series of high vibrational energies designed to awaken you to the higher vibrational frequencies where the angels and the spiritual masters live. It’s important for you to accept that your innate intuition is your personal gift. This gift allows you to listen and communicate with these higher spiritual beings who watch over you every day.

WEs Hamilton's October 2023 Forecast

October 2023 – Explore New Opportunities

This year numerology has been asking you to dedicate a good share of your time to becoming more self-aware during your everyday activities. Numerology has been showing you this message every month because 2023 has a vibrational 7-energy. The vibrational 7-energy is a mystical research energy that has been inspiring you to know thy self. Throughout the ages, the philosophical masters have been sharing this wisdom because when you know who you are, you will know what to do.

September 2023 – Time to Transition

It’s that time again, September is telling you that this is the time of the year to make plans to complete what you have been working on this year. So often your perfectionist quality, your implied responsibilities, or perhaps your emotional commitment energy will want to continue to work at making things better. These three qualities are very honorable. However, in June this year, I talked about how important it is for you to balance your responsibilities.