Wes Hamilton

Master Numerologist

June 2023 Forecast – Balance Your Responsibilities

June’s warm, welcome 6-vibrational energy will encourage you to spend more time with family and friends. This month you have lots of extra daylight to erase the challenging winter memories. The vibrational 6-energy awakens your heart chakra so that you will radiate your innate caring, sharing, and healing love vibrations to everyone you spend time with while you are together.

May 2023 Forecast – Change Inspires Freedom

In May you will be offered time out, a break from following the rules and staying on task to know thy self. May’s 5-vibrational energy will be inspiring you to make some necessary changes to your plans. May’s 5-energy is craving freedom and wants you to be free to do whatever you want. The powerful 5-vibration always wants to be the rebel and to create a little chaos. Why? Just to see what will happen. May’s energy wants you to travel, be curious, and have a few rule breaking experiences.

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