Wes Hamilton

May 2021 Change inspires Adventure

When is the last time you went on a new adventure? Perhaps you are overdue! I am excited to tell you that this year the month of May is sending you a double whammy of a powerful vibrational adventure energy. Why this month? 2021 and May are both vibrating with the 5-energy of change and adventure. This month you will be inspired to take a deep breath, reimagine your dream, say a short prayer for success, and blast off on your new adventure.

Let’s look at what else can happen this month. When the 5-energy of 2021, wanting your new adventure to begin and the 5-change energy of May merging, this is what happens 5 + 5 = 10. The 10-vibrational energy is telling you something new is about to happen to make your dreams come true. The 1-energy of new beginnings and the 0-energy of all that is (God) inspires new joyful opportunities for you to get a jump start on a new purposeful adventure for yourself.

The first 3 months of every year are energetically designed for you to discover deeper aspects of who you are. he great wisdom masters like Plato, Pythagoras, and Socrates said for your ultimate success in life you need to “Know thy self”. The second 3 months of every year are designed to alert you to believe that you actually have a deeper spiritual self.

So, that being said, let’s look at the first quarter of this year to see how this deeper discovery is unfolding. In January, I wrote about how 2021’s vibrational energy alerted you to discover that new changes were coming, and it was time to Pivot Your Destiny. It was time for a new The Adventure to Begin! In February, I wrote about exploring Adventures in Romance.  The energy was encouraging you reconnect with who you are. In March, I wrote about you being given an opportunity to discover that you have many innate Powers of Creativity.

The second quarter of each year that starts in April is energetically designed with vibrational energies for you to believe that you actually do have the abilities to create the life you desire. Let’s look at how this awakening is happening for you. First you must wrap your thoughts around this profound idea of you being able to create your life. Why is this acceptance necessary? So that you will become a believer.

This year, April’s energy inspires you to Reimagine Your Life. Your imagination gives you the permission to dream and believe. If you can’t imagine something, you will not be able to create it. May’s vibrational energy is filled to the brim with change and adventure. If you don’t take a risk and go on an adventure, nothing will change. Once your adventure starts, you gain success momentum. When that happens, you begin believing in yourself.

We have endured a lot of changes in the last 12 months. Many changes happened last year to alter your lifestyle. Some people were able to believe in their powers of creativity and pivot their destiny. They adapted to the challenging Covid energy and created their new reality. They were able to turn their lemons into lemonade. This year you too are being given an opportunity recreate your dream. A lot of things can happen when you reimagine your dream. Get inspired by believing in yourself. Go on an adventure to live into your dream that you carry in your heart.

~Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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