Wes Hamilton

June 2021 Time to Hug Again

This year you will be continuously vibrating to the adventurous energy of the number 5. This year you will be experiencing many shifts in energy that is designed to breakup old existing paradigms. So, if you are fearful, trying to hang on to something that needs to be left behind, let go. June’s vibrational energy also says it’s time to hug again. It’s time to reach out, connect and hug your partner, your friends, and your family again.

June being the 6th month vibrates to the energy of love, relationships, support, hugs, service, commitments, family, community, healing, teaching, and nurturing. You have been locked down for the last 12 plus months learning how to reconnect with yourself. Some people, mostly introverts really appreciated their alone time. However, the rest of the world seems excited to feel safe and free to be together again. It’s time to hug again!

Numerology also gives you a deeper spiritual meaning during the month of June this year. The numbers want you know that this month when June’s 6 energy merges with 2021’s 5 vibrational energy, you will be experiencing more opportunities to listen to the wisdom of your intuition. This happens because when the vibrational energy of June and 2021 unite 5 + 6 = 11/2, they become a powerful master number vibration. Master numbers rock!

Master numbers generate a much higher frequency vibration. This higher frequency gives you an innate ability to communicate with your angels, your guides, and your higher self. These higher spiritual frequencies can be more easily accessed when you become quiet and connect to that still small voice within. So, I highly recommend you schedule a few minutes a day this month to enjoy this intuitive experience.

Let’s explore why you missed sharing a hug for the last 12 plus months. Did you know that when you share a hug, you release oxytocin, a powerful love hormone? Oxytocin creates a warm feeling of being loved and being cared for. You experience the warm fuzzy’s of trust, nurturing and calm. Psychology suggests a hug reminds you of being carried in the womb where you felt safe and secure. I believe June should be called national hug month!

Here are a few tips for you to get the best results for yourself in June. I suggest you explore your personal numerology chart to see where your 6 “hug energy” shows up. Look for where the 6’s are in your chart. First look at the 4 pillars in your chart that identifies who you are in this lifetime.  Also look at your personal timelines to see if you are in the flow of the global timeline chart. If you don’t have any 6 vibrational energies anywhere in your personal chart this year, look to see where the 2 vibrational energy of relationships shows up.   

If you are not familiar with your numbers, you can go online a see what your numbers are telling you. If you want me to do a reading for you so you know where your 6 “hug energy” shows up in 2021, contact me. If you want to take a deeper dive into numerology, I will teach you how to become an authorized numerologist. What ever you do, I suggest you discover how numerology can be a roadmap for your journey through life.

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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