Wes Hamilton

April 2021 Reimagine Your Life

This month there is a powerful combination of energy happening that offers you an opportunity to reimagine your life. It’s important for you to remember that 2021 has a rebellious 5-energy that will continue to challenge you this year to make changes in your life. April has a strong 4-vibrational grounding energy. When these 2 opposing energies unite, something powerful is bound to happen.

Are you ready to make a change in your life and anxious to take advantage of these powerful change-agent energies? If you are, you may find yourself wanting to explore some new career choices and or perhaps a new lifestyle. If you decide to do this, now is where your fun begins. Why so? Because now you get to use your imagination to create your future. The number one rule when you use your imagination is, only explore what you desire, never even think about how you will make it happen.

Now, let’s go back to the wisdom of numerology to get another perspective of how to work with the energy of April this year. When 2021’s 5-energy is influenced by April’s 4-grounding energy, that merger creates the transitional 9-energy. The transitional 9-energy tells you something in your life is complete. it is time to let it go! It has finished its course. You are ready for something new!

I believe we have a good example of this transition/completion experience occurring for many of us now. It appears like the Covid19 pandemic is completing its journey. We have learned many things about ourselves this last 12 months. Everyone was affected in some way with your career, perhaps your freedom, or maybe your lifestyle. Now this month, this year, you are being given an energetic opportunity to use this vibrational shift to change things. I really encourage you to take some personal time to reimagine your life.

April’s energy is giving you have an opportunity to reimagine and create the life you dream of living.

Yes, I know you may not know how that could even happen. However, if you really have a strong desire to make it happen, now is the time to say yes, I am ready! Science is proving what the awakened masters have known for centuries. “When you have a vision, driven with passion, results happen.”

If you decide to get serious about reimagining your life, start by taking a few deep breaths to get grounded. Next activate your innate passion with strong feelings of your inner desire. Then, what is most important for you to do is, create a clear vision of what your dream will look like. If you embrace this practice, you will soon see impressive results beginning to happen for you this April.

The more I study the mysteries of the Universe, the more I become aware of how everything is energy. As I study and practice the mysteries of the mind relating to energy, the more I become confident knowing that I do create my present and my future.

As I study and practice my Souls blueprint by using numerology, I better understand who I am being and what I am doing. Numerology has also helped me to realize I have a natural timing calendar that started the day I was born. Knowing this information helps me to plan my strategies for success. I feel more confident and empowered by following my internal cosmic calendar. My personal cosmic timing calendar inspires me to be who I am as I am guided to do what I need to be doing. I love being in the right place at the right time for success to happen.

If this information piques your interest, I suggest this month you begin to explore the mysteries of the universe. Make April’s vibrational energy work for you to discover the innate powers you have.  Become the master of who you really are being as you do what you do. Want to take a short cut in your research? You could schedule your personal Destiny consultation with me so that I can guide you to understand what you need to accomplish this month, the next 11 months, and your over-all timing for this year!

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist