Wes Hamilton

January 2021 The Adventure Begins

Every year, January’s new beginnings energy (1-vibration) encourages you to make a new year’s resolution, a new vision for the year. You set goals to measure your success, and of course start a new health program with exercise and diet. All of that is still very important to accomplish, however, this year’s vibrational energy is prompting you to explore and learn the art and science of pivoting. This pivot energy will begin a new adventure you will want to learn, accept, and pivot forward with to manifest your desires and successes in 2021.

Why is pivoting so important this year in 2021? There is a lot of exciting changes that are going to happen this year. Numerology shows you that 2021 has a rapid 5-vibrational energy. Five energy breaks up old energy and creates a space for something new to happen. Lots of amazing opportunities will be available for everyone who is awake and aware of what’s going on internally and externally for us as global citizens.

In 2017, we all began a new much higher energy frequency starting with a 9-year vibrational energy cycle. This 9-year vibrational energy cycle is raising the passion and purpose bar for everyone to become more of a humanitarian. We will be seeing new internal and external challenges and opportunities this year. This new high frequency 9-energy wants us to become more proactive and more respectful with our environment and with each other as a global community.

Numerology says in January we are starting off on a new adventure. This new vibrational energy is happening because the 5-vibrational energy of 2021 is merging with the 1-vibration energy of January that will be creating a powerful 6 energy. The 6-vibrational energy inspires you become a responsible heartfelt person of service, to step up and do your part to make your world a better place to live and thrive.

2021’s adventurous journey will be filled with many choices and many decisions for you to rewrite your personal life script as you pivot your destiny into a new and better lifestyle. You will do your best if you keep an open mindset whenever the rebellious, changeable energy of the 5-vibration happens. This year you may find yourself struggling to get back to the lifestyle you were living before the Covid19 appeared to disrupt the global lifestyle you were living.

I find it works best to approach all changing circumstances with a sense of adventure. The dictionary defines the word adventure as, “A daring and exciting activity for enterprise and enthusiasm especially the exploration of an unknown territory”. Open your mindset to exploring and creating new opportunities this year. You will find yourself feeling an exhilarating sense of freedom to finally live the life you dream you have for yourself and the ones you love.

Looking forward to sharing my insights and wisdom with you using the knowledge of numerology every month as we all explore the adventures and opportunities on our journey thru 2021. Remember, for your success, be clear with what you want. Stay alert and mindful. Take action to pivot your destiny with a tweak, a twist, or a turn when necessary to manifest your dreams.

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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