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Numerology Forecast 2021 Pivot Your Destiny

Hang on to your “hat”, 2021 is going to be a very exciting year! Some of the key words to watch for this year will be; growth, opportunities, faster, rebellious, competition, balance, oh-no, really, focus, flexible, adaptable, change, and most popular, pivot. The word pivot has become the “word of the year” in 2020. For most of the world, whatever you were doing for the last several years has been stopped or cancelled or obliterated. That means, it is time to pivot your destiny. 

(Write about pivot)

The science of numerology tells us that the vibrational energy of 2021 equals 5 which is the vibration of chaos, change and opportunities. This vibrational energy happens every 10 years. Looking back 10 years to 2012 (a 5-year), here are a few events that the world was dealing with as we were experiencing the vibrational energy of five.

First let’s look at some opportunities that took place in 2012. India hailed its first polio free year. Bullying in school is taken seriously and takes a positive step forward. Michael Phillips (swimmer) stands out as most decorated gold/silver medal winner of all time. Three major cancer breakthroughs happened, and one was discovered by a 15-year-old. Mars Rover lands on the red planet. Clean safe drinking water was made available to over 2 billion people.

Now some challenging events that took place. Hurricane Sandy claimed 253 lives in 7 nations causing $65 billion in damages. Natural oil and gas became a huge competitive issue globally that challenged our environmental safeguards. North Korea threatened the world when it fired its first missile. The Costa Concordia (twice the size of the Titanic) shipwreck happened. The Mayan calendar “Doomsday” was predicted for the world to end on 12/21/2012 just to name a few.

Numerology measures vibrational energy and identifies patterns using many mathematical formulas. This amazing tool becomes extremely helpful when tracking timelines to keep you informed and aware of possibilities that may be in your future. For validation and proof, you can also use numerology to review your past and the past of the world events that took place. When you review the past in your life and the past of world events, you see these scientific formulas are quite accurate in explaining what happens and why it happens.

Personal challenges:  Struggling to gain traction or move forward with your life, your business and your dreams for success. Doubting your dreams and abilities. Living in the past

Resentful of your circumstances. Believe changing is too hard.

So, I suggest to best prepare for 2021, you take a deep breath and accept the path in life you have been traveling for the last several years may not be there anymore. The good news, there are many opportunities waiting for you to create a new and better lifepath for yourself. The trick is now you need to become aware and believe that you can be the creator of your new lifestyle.

Successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and seekers know this trick. You can learn this trick (skill)! Today, there are a few old ways and several new ways being offered for you to learn how the skills so that too can pivot your destiny.  Here are a few of the key factors you must learn so you can be confident and successful to move forward.

  1. Explore the deeper truths of who you really are. As Pythagoras said, “Know thyself.”
  2. Believe this deeper awareness of who you are. Develop your confidence.
  3. Learn the art and science of how to create your dream. Be the magician who creates your life.
  4. Develop and build a strategic plan with the proper timing. Know what. when, where, and how to pivot
  5. Find a group with a mentor of like-minded people to network with as a community for guidance and support.

The good news is there a program already created that meets all the criteria you need to learn. You can then take advantage of the growth opportunities the vibrational energy of 2021 will be offering. Go to www.weshamilton.com to learn what you need to do to get started.

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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