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February 2021 Adventures in Romance

This year, February 2021 is vibrating with changes, passion, and romance. The energies creating this experiential journey for you this month are the changeable and passionate 5-energy of 2021 and the romance 2-energy of February. It is no coincidence that Valentine’s Day of February 14, is a 5- energy 1+4=5. This year, this month, when adding the vibrational energies together 5+2=7. It is time to explore and go on an adventure to find romance in your life.

This vibrational energy means you will be inspired to reflect, review, and research the deeper meanings of all your relationships. The 7-vibrational energy is prompting you to explore these many relationships you have with people, your career and of course, yourself.

So, what am I talking about? You have been with yourself and perhaps your family a lot in 2020. These hibernation experiences can often cause you to realize most of your life you have had the freedom to interact with a variety of people, enjoy many entertainment choices, and travel. In 2020 many of these interactions were curtailed causing mental and emotional frustration for most people. The energy of 2021 says it is time to go on an adventure to make changes.

This month I want to invite you to go on an adventure. This adventure is about discovering the deeper aspects of who you are being in this lifetime. Numerology explains the coded word adventure adds up to a master number (11/2) peace, harmony, and inspiration. Once you discover more about who you are you will become inspired to create an experiential romance with yourself. Numerology shows you the coded word romance adds up to another master number (33/6). The energy of your love filled heart. Time for inspired heartfelt change to happen so that you can have an adventure in romance.

When you realize the coded vibrational energies of your name and your birthdate are always sending subtle vibrational energy messages, you will want to go on an adventure. Decoding and understanding these vibrational messages is the key for you, your family, and your friends to become inspired to create and build a new romance with yourself and others.

Now, another thought . . . how do you feel about going on this adventure to find the romance in your name and birthdate that will help you better align with a career? If you are seeking a career that will inspire you and fulfill your heartfelt desires of what you are really here to accomplish, then I suggest you learn more about how this decoding process will benefit you. You can find or create your ideal career to fuel your passion and your purpose.

In 1965 Dr. Juno Jordan published a book called the “Romance in Your Name”. In this book, she outlines the value of decoding your name so that you can better understand yourself. When you know who you are, you know what to do. When you know the vibrational energies of your soul’s blueprint, you will better understand your Destiny. Your Destiny has a lot to do with your career path.

Of course, you can always contact me to do the decoding for you and create a booklet showing you who you are and what will benefit you most to be doing this year. You can also go to my website www.weshamilton.com and get my “What’s My Destiny” app to decode and go on an adventure in Romance so that you understand more about yourself, your friends, and your family.

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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