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Numerology with Wes Hamilton

Your Beginner WitchFollowingJul 16 · 6 min read Type of activity: Numerology TL;DR my experience: Numerology is a weirdly spot-on tool that can shed insight into how you’re living your life, what roadblocks you’re experiencing and what your life purpose is! Did you know that Pythagoras invented numerology? He designed formulas to help people understand themselves. Sacred math and numbers?! Sign …

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October 2019 Awakenings Create Joy

Hopefully, last month, you have experienced and completed September’s 9-month energies of feeling physical, mental and emotional transitions. Numerology identifies these transitions with personal chart timelines of when people, jobs, plans; struggles are no longer needed in your life. Transitions are necessary for these out grown learning experiences to be left in the past. Hopefully …

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