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Chart Your Destiny

Level 1 – Authorized Numerologist Training Program along with my “WhatsMyDestiny” app. Designed for coaches and people who desire to use numerology in their practice.

I will teach you the knowledge and guide you to develop your skills to understand and use the science of math called Numerology. Some of the most asked questions I get are listed below. These questions and many more are answered by knowing how to create and read a Numerology Chart.

  • What am I here to do?
  • What is my purpose?
  • When will a meaningful relationship come into my life?
  • Am I getting married? If so, when?
  • Do you see me staying in my current career?
  • Do you see me moving? If so, when?
  • Why do relationships seem so challenging for me?
  • Do I have any Karmic lessons to learn?
  • How do people see me showing up?
Chart Your Destiny training

Want a chart showing you which way to go?  What would you do if you could have a glimpse of your destiny AND knew what milestones were coming?

Are you ready to expand your reach by guiding others and pursuing becoming an Authorized Numerologist?

A whole new way of seeing the world opens up when you learn how to create and read a Numerology chart.  This Numerology system is believed to be over 10,000 years old and has been in use with our number and letter system for the last 2,600 years.

Today’s Numerology, developed by Pythagoras in 580 BC (the father of math) is a unique tool accessing mathematical systems and formulas in use for thousands of years that reveal who you are. These same ancient formulas identify and track the many paths and opportunities with timelines in your life.

Wes teaches each class and works with you to learn the art and science of Numerology. He will give you the knowledge and guide you to develop your Numerology skills.

You will learn how to:

  • Make plans for yourself and others using only a date of birth
  • Do shortcuts for quick readings with only knowing a person’s first name
  • Discover the karmic lessons that challenge you
  • Calculate when major changes will occur for yourself and others

You will receive:

  • Four 60 minute live group class sessions using Zoom video
  • There are 8 modules, 35 lessons and 35 training videos.
  • A complete Chart Your Destiny workbook to use over and over again to create Numerology charts for yourself, family, friends, and clients.
  • A personalized and signed “Authorized Numerologist” certificate.

Dates: September 8, 15, 22, 29, and October 6

Time: 11:00 am CT

Location: Live Virtual (recorded for playback) and Online Training

Course Information

Difficulty: Level 1


Course Instructor

Wes Hamilton Wes Hamilton Author
  • Enrollment in this course opens on 08/17/2021.




  • Welcome
    • Welcome to Chart Your Destiny
    • Getting Started – March 2021
  • Module 1 – Overview and Introduction
    • Overview of Chart Your Destiny
    • Pythagoras
    • Overview of Numerology Terms
    • Numerology Destiny Chart
  • Module 2 – The Coded Numbers
    • Overview of The Coded Numbers
    • Meaning of Special Numbers
    • Power Number (Birthpath)
  • Module 3 – The Secret Code for Letters
    • Secret Code for Letters
    • Destiny
    • Heart’s Desire
    • Personality
    • Realization
    • Habit Challenge
  • Module 4 – Behaviors and Responses 
    • Balance of Temperament
    • Specialties and Missing Numbers
    • Karmic Lessons
  • Module 5 – Timelines and Cycles
    • Timelines
    • Cycles
    • Pinnacles
    • Challenges
    • Transition Periods
  • Module 6 – Personal Timelines
    • Personal Timelines
    • Monthly Overview for 2021
    • BE and DO Chart for Year and Month
    • Cosmic Calendar – Daily BE and DO
    • How to Really Look at Birthdays
  • Module 7 – Working with Others
    • Charts for Others -Template
    • Relationships
    • Reading a Relationship Report
  • Module 8 – Resources
    • The Secret Formulas
    • What Does the Day of Your Birth Mean
    • Resource for Numerology Readings
    • Numerology for Careers
    • Reference Books on Numerology
    • All Course Videos Library

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