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December 2022 Forecast - Celebrate Your Healings

December being the 12th month of the year vibrates to the energy of celebrations. This happens because December is the 12th month and numerology shows you that when you add 1+2, it equals 3. The 3-vibrational energy says it’s time to celebrate, be creative, and come together with food, drink, and playful gatherings. Of course, it’s really not a coincidence that Christmas and other holidays just happen to occur in December. It’s really a vibrational celebrational holiday happening.

This year, numerology has been giving you tips and clues every month to help you create peace, love, and abundance by healing your differences. When any of these 3 energies are divided because there is a difference in opinions, a difference in perspectives, or a difference in lifestyle, it breaks the connective synergy that brings you joy. If you take a serious look at why you do what you do, it typically shows up as you are craving the energy of joy.

If you wish to refresh your memory about what each month’s energetic message was this year, go to my website, www.weshamilton.com and click on Forecasts. Spending a few minutes looking at what each month’s energy was teaching you, you will soon discover that you have been guided to heal your differences by exploring your inner world and your outer world. That means that you will soon discover that your inner world thoughts and feelings influence and create your outer world.

In 2017, numerology alerted you to become aware of a huge awakening. As global citizens in 2017, we all entered a higher vibrational 9-energy frequency. Using the practice of numerology, the vibrational energy of 9 says it’s time for us to become a humanitarian culture. We need to learn to love and respect each other and planet earth. This year we are experiencing the 6th year of this 9-year cycle. It was time to heal our differences.

The native Americans, the Anishinaabe, have been following the wisdom of the Seven Fires Prophecy to keep their culture in the flow of (Manitou) God’s plan for them. All but the 7th Prophecy has come true. The Seventh Prophecy says,

Now is the time of the Seventh Fire. By the light of the Seventh Fire come the Ogichidaag', those who would use their power and strength with wisdom and gentleness to bring harmony and balance.

They will soar with wabishkie ginu', the White Eagle, bringing the wisdom of Spirit with the first light of day. They will learn of their power and strength like the gidzhii makwa', the Great Bear, who holds ice and snow in the North so the Earth would not be covered with water. And they will open their mind and heart like makinaak', the Turtle, who offered his back upon which to build a new earth.

Numerology is giving you the same message. It’s time to wake up and heal our differences and celebrate our healings. When you celebrate, you know your differences have been healed! As Stephen Covey states in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “Begin with the end in mind.”

Begin with the end in mind.

This month, if you haven’t already started, celebrate all month!

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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