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August 2022 Forecast

If you have been waiting for an opportune time to manifest your dreams, August has the vibrational energy you need to help you energize your goals. Numerology tells us that August has the powerful vibrational energy of abundance, accomplishment, and manifestation. In Astrology, this year August has the strong action-oriented energy of the majestic lion so taking focused action will be the key to your manifesting success.

Last month numerology encouraged you to do some self-reflection by exploring some deeper aspects of who you are being so that you could heal past inner wounds. Hopefully you were able to discover some of these energetic issues and get one or more of them healed. If you were successful, you have created a clear runway to gather momentum by using the power of August to manifest what you desire. Remember, old mental and emotional wounds tend to energetically hold you back from being free to manifest.

So why is August’s vibrational energy so powerful this year? Remember the 6-vibrational energy in 2022 is inspiring you to heal your differences. When August weaves its powerful 8- vibrational energy into this month it becomes 6 + 8 = 14/5, a karmic vibrational energy to generate radical changes. These changes will be happening for everyone so be clear and mindful about what plan of action you will be taking while using this power to manifest.

Here are a few tips I use to manifest; you might try them if your manifesting skills are a little rusty.

  • I begin by getting a clear picture in my mind of what it is that I really want to bring into my life. Often it is not always a material manifestation of what I desire, it can be something such as confidence, freedom, stability, flexibility etc.
  • Next, I get in touch with why I am having this desire currently in my life, like when I am wanting more freedom in my life. I write a list of reasons why this is so important now.
  • Then I get out my list of feeling words to identify how I will feel once I have manifested more freedom for myself. Example: Do I have this desire because I feel trapped, and I want to let go of unnecessary responsibilities that I have taken on that is weighing me down?
  • Now it’s time to create my plan of activities and actions so that I can be the creator of my desires. This helps me remember I do have the power to manifest what I want!
  • Once I have used my power to manifest my desires, I make sure I celebrate my accomplishments with passion by acknowledging I am the creator of my life.

August’s 8-vibration is a strong lifeforce energy that you can use anytime you see the power of this 8- energy in your personal chart. Look for this manifesting energy in your day of birth number, your power number, your destiny number, your heart’s desire number, and your yearly and monthly timelines.

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist
“The Duke of Digits”

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