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Remember this year, 2022’s vibrational energy, is encouraging us to heal our differences. Each month’s vibrational energy this year is making us more aware with insights and practices so that we can create a healed, heart-based lifestyle again. This year January’s vibration message started us off with the message it was time to start healing our differences. February’s vibrational message was reminding us that love heals differences. March’s vibrational message was, we need to heal and create. April’s vibrational message was balance creates healing. May’s vibrational message was for us to listen for changes. You can go to my website to read more about how practical and powerful these messages are to help guide us to success.

Now June, being the 6th month brings its heartfelt 6-vibrational energy message reminding us that the energy of joy inspires healing. Here is what Wikipedia says about Joy. “The word joy refers to the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune, and is typically associated with feelings of intense, long-lasting happiness. Numerology shows us how this joy energy is being created. The vibrational energy of 2022 = 6, added to the vibrational energy of June = 6 merged becomes 12/3 and the 3 vibrational energy radiates with joy!

There are several innate joyful things starting to happen this year. Why? Because we are in the 6th year of a transformational 9-year energy global cycle to awaken our inner spirit so that we remember we are all one consciousness. We are all connected to a spiritual web of energy as we go on a higher vibrational energy path designed for us to become aware. It is time for us to start evolving into humanitarian beings.

Ready to bring more joy into your life? Here are a few practices Lori and I use to make this happen!

  • We start each day drinking our favorite morning beverage, ours is Cameron’s Velvet Moon coffee. We love how these magical beans bring us back from the dream world.
  • Next, we share what dreams we remember we had during the night and discuss what we believe our dream was symbolically telling us about our life.
  • Then when the magical beans have done their magic grounding us, we each draw 2 cards from our Tarot of the Spirit We gain insights from our intuition of what the energy of our day will bring into our lives that day.
  • At the end of our workday, we come together sharing one of our favorite beverages which is usually a bottle of red wine from somewhere around the world.
  • Once the mystical berries have done their magic releasing us from the responsibilities of our workday, we relax and share our day and the gratitude and the blessings we were granted that day.

We remind ourselves during these opening and closing times of our day that only we can create a joy-filled experience each day. In the evening we tend to not watch the news, we listen to jazz music and then before bed we watch Hallmark-type, joy-filled movies. We really do intentionally create and live in a bubble of joy-filled experiences!

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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