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In 2022, we as a collective consciousness are being inspired to heal our differences. March being the 3rd month of the year is vibrating with a powerful creative vibration. This 3-vibration is inspiring you to open your creative abilities to heal your differences. Numerology is always making you aware of how using vibrational energy will enhance your natural passions and desires to experience peace, harmony, abundance, and joy.

Again, I want to remind you that we as a global consciousness are in a global 9-year cycle of energy urging us to raise our thoughts so that we will become more of a global humanitarian culture. This month this humanitarian energy is becoming more enhanced because when the 6-vibrational energy of 2022 merges with the creative 3-vibrational energy of March, it vibrates to the frequency of 9. Here is how that works, 6-energy + 3-energy = 9-energy!

This newly created 9-energy vibration will begin syncing with our global 9-cycle energy so that you will begin to manifest your desires quickly. With this increased vibration, we really can begin to heal and create our new joyful social culture this month. When you understand that energy is everything and you become aware that you can influence energy to create and manifest, you begin to realize that you can influence and create your destiny.

Now that I am writing about your abilities to create and manifest, this is a good month for you to look at what you desire and want to create for 2022 as you heal your differences. Every year, Lori Palm and I spend the last week of the year getting clear about what we intend to create for the coming year. We do this by using our Tarot of the Spirit cards along with journaling and meditation to connect to our intuitive guidance so that we will have the words we need to send our requests to the Universe.

Did you know the Universe is always ready to help you with your desires and needs? The tricky part of getting the Universe to help is that it needs to know what you really want. Think of this as being like going to a restaurant. The wait staff asks you “What can I get for you?” If you don’t let them know, they will just stand there until you decide what you want. They can’t serve you until you ask for what you want! And this is also just how a request to the Universe works for you. Ask for what you want!

Once we as a global culture heal our differences, we can begin to create and develop together the dreams and desires we all have for our life. All the research I have been doing most of my life continues to support my beliefs that we are amazing beings creating our reality every day with every thought. The tricky part is you need to know your thoughts become things; they do create your reality.

Here are 3 practices for you to use this month to become more aware of how your thoughts become your reality. Best days in March to practice this awareness; March 3, 6, 9, 11, and 22.

  • Become clear by understanding who you are as a spiritual creative force using energy
  • Create and develop a clear picture of what you want to create and why this is important
  • Look in the mirror and ask yourself, what needs to be healed and forgiven in my life

Numerology is always sharing information about what is happening in the global world each year and each month so that you can better plan for success. This month numerology explains how you are being given a strong vibrational energy boost to heal and create a better life for yourself, your family, your friends, and your community. Together we can make the necessary energy shift to heal our differences so that we can all create the life we so desire experiencing peace, harmony, and joy!

~Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

WES HAMILTON, brings a blend of extensive practical experience and extraordinary mystical know-how to his work. As a Master Numerologist, clients throughout the world seek his guidance and insight regarding important decisions.  www.weshamilton.com

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