Wes Hamilton

February 2022 - Love Heals Differences

Light Workers, Healers, Shamans, Wizards, Oracles, Masters, Spiritual Leaders, and Teachers, we need your help! This year, the 6-vibrational energies of 2022 are encouraging all of us to heal our differences. This is a very important message for you to remember because each month the vibrational energies will shift giving you options and choices to facilitate the healing of people’s differences in your own unique way!

February’s vibrational 2-energy is always inspiring you to open your heart and explore, create, and enjoy relationships. By the way, be sure to share flowers, chocolate, and card with a message of love on February 14th to people you love! This year, 2022 is also creating a vibrational energy flow inspiring you to let go of your current and old beliefs about good, bad, right, and wrong. These beliefs have created a separation with some people you know, some of your family, and some of your friends.

The current crisis we are all experiencing has caused many people to take a stand on what is the truth. From what I have researched, our truth is what we choose to believe. My numbers tell me we are in the 6th year of a 9-year cycle learning how to raise our thinking from “what’s not right” to being more creative by opening our hearts. We must ask ourselves, “How can we come together?” “How can we become more of a humanitarian culture and realize we are all one?”

The last few years have been challenging. These physical, mental, and emotional daily crises have divided us to the extent that if we don’t heal our differences and come together again, we will not be able to create the joyful future we desire. Remember the saying “Divide and conquer”? I sense we are very divided. Many folks are stuck in the weeds of confusion about who to believe and what to do next.

 It is our innate human nature to want to get to the truth. We can do our part by engaging in our passion and purpose doing what we desire in our personal and professional life. I believe the truth in this present moment is we need to create a new joyful attitude. We need to reach out and develop a new foundation of love with our family, our friends, our neighbors, our community, and the world.

This is what the numbers are telling me about February 2022. This year 2+0+2+2=6. This powerful 6 vibrational energy is inspiring us to open our hearts and share the love of who we are with each other. The 2 vibrational energies are encouraging us to have patience, be diplomatic, and build relationships. For you to get started, simply change your language from “I” to “We” when you are communicating, feel the difference?

Here is another reason why February’s energy is so powerful. When the 6 vibrational energy of 2022 is merged with the 2 vibrational energies of February, it vibrates with the 8 energy. This requires you to make some very important decisions about your future, what you choose to create and how you choose to live! Let’s all choose to be happy instead of being right this month. Let’s open our hearts to love thy neighbor.

Extra powerful heart-opening energy will be available on February 2, 11, 20, and 22nd. Take a few moments on these days to reach out to people and let them know it’s time to heal our differences!

~Wes Hamilton. Master Numerologist

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