Wes Hamilton

Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

September 2020 Master Your Transitions

Transitions? Yes! Transition is the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another. This month it is time to let go of what was and prepare for new opportunities, new directions, or perhaps some new adventures. September has always been a time for our personal and professional lifestyle to make a transition. Summer vacation ends and school starts. The green energy of summer transitions into beautiful shades of yellow, red and golden colors. How does nature know when it’s time to start these transitions?

I believe these natural almost magical transitions happen because they are inspired by the vibrational energy of the number 9. September being the 9th month, sets these activities into motion. Numerology informs you that the number 9 vibration represents the completion of a timeline journey. Did you know that your personal timeline journey starts the day you are born and continues moving through 9-year cycles though out your life? Whew, that’s a lot of transitions!

I am in my ninth year of my personal 9-year cycle this year and I transitioned big time by letting go of my real estate company and my real estate broker’s license that I have had for 43 years. Talk about a life changing transition for me! The good news is, I am blessed and inspired with so many new opportunities that have opened up for me to explore that I am really excited to move into my future 9-year cycle starting in January 2021.

Why? Because I am feeling inspired with passion and purpose. My numerology chart has been prompting me for the last 18 months to work full time with people in a powerful new way of coaching people to learn and develop their Spiritual Life Leadership skills.

If change is in the air for you this month, this year, or for sure next year, I have put together a list of what I have found are the 9 stages of experiencing a successful personal or professional transition in your life.

  1. Become aware that your lifestyle is changing
  2. Accept, allow and embrace the changes
  3. Let go of what was normal
  4. Discover more about who you are and the energy that drives your passion
  5. Understand what your personal timeline is telling you
  6. Explore options and possibilities, become adventurous
  7. Pivot your destiny when and where it’s necessary to embrace new opportunities
  8. Work with a friend, a mentor, or a coach to help you through the doorway of your personal or professional transition
  9. Be the change, be the new you, transform you, and live with passion and purpose

This year we are all living during a global 9-year transition cycle that started in 2017. We are in the 4th year of our transition, breaking down old structures that are outdated. This 9-year energy cycle is generating a much higher frequency than we have ever experienced in our lifetime. This higher vibration we are feeling is inspiring us to learn how to become much more of a global humanitarian culture.

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist