Wes Hamilton

Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

August 2020 Master Your Power

Wow what an awesome thought! Your power? Do you know what the personal power resources are that you have that you could master? Something for you to ponder and explore the possibilities! In July I encouraged you to master your intuitive gifts. Now would be a good time to use these gifts to explore the natural resources of your personal power.

There are so many natural resources of power that you count on to make your life more comfortable every day. Most of the power you use comes from natural fuel resources like wood, coal, oil, water, wind, and the sun. These natural resources have been providing power for you to stay warm, to stay cool, to have electricity, to have lighting, travel, and communication etc.

So, what natural personal powers do you have? I believe the greatest power you have is your personal resource to create your reality, your life, your success, and your future. The trick to this is for you to discover how to find this natural creative personal power resource so you can access when you need it. All the natural resources that you use today had to be discovered, accessed, refined, and harnessed. Then they needed to be tested and applied in many ways so they could be used for maximum performance when needed.

Mastering your personal natural resource of power is no different than harvesting and applying mother Earth’s natural resources. You must first discover where they are living within you. Once you find your resources, you too must learn how to access them. You will need to refine and align yourself with this energy so that you will be able to harness and apply these personal natural energy resources when you need them.

The most important action you can take is to know who you are from the inside out. What are your natural resource practices and energies you are using today to continue to achieve peace, abundance, and joy? If this question is confusing for you, then I suggest you first discover who you are being and why you do what you do. There are many resources out there for you to use. I love using the art and science of numerology and our Core Passion Codes to help people understand who they are so that they will have words to describe themselves and what drives them to do what they do.

Once you discover more about who you are, it becomes important to accept this information so that you can believe it is really you. Next you need to build a relationship with this new awareness of who you are by creating a daily practice of mindfulness and meditation. Why is this necessary? Because mastering the natural resources of your personal power happens when you become aligned with your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. This alignment is what creates and generates your natural personal power. Only then will you become proficient with creating the life you desire!

August is the perfect time to master your power!

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist