Wes Hamilton

Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

May 2020 Mastering Radical Change

Are you ready to shift gears? Our global rhythms with socializing, economics, working, schooling, and sports activities have been interrupted, changed, and canceled! I believe 2020 will be remembered as “The Awakening” year. As I forecast globally in 2017, we entered a much higher vibrational energy designed to teach us how learn the art, the science, and the practices to become much more humanitarian.

We are in the 4th year of this nine- year century cycle of time. This learning cycle is calling us to understand what the energy of becoming more humanitarian really feels like, and what it really means. Obviously, we are now experiencing this energy way more different than how we normally operate in the daily practices of our personal and professional life. Many people have shared with me that this current 2020 energy feels surreal! Nothing seems normal, there is very little to hang on to and not much to control. Our freedom is at risk!

May is the 5th month of the year and Numerology explains the vibrational energy of 5 is encouraging you to open the parameters of your vision. Explore new options and new possibilities as you begin to feel yourself moving into a new personal and or professional lifestyle. This month, at times, you may also feel like you are on a scary roller coaster ride with lots of emotional highs and fearful lows as you move through the energy of radical change.

If you have been following my forecasts, you might recall 2020’s vibrational energy is guiding you to manifest your mastery. That means if you are ready to do this, now is the perfect time to change your lifestyle, your perspective, and your intention to be a co-creator of your life. This month it will be extremely important for you to become more aware of who you are as you do what you do.

Since this pandemic energy exploded into 2020, I have been working with many leaders, business owners, and people who are overwhelmed with this life-threatening energy. These are some of the concerns people are facing. “What should I be doing now?” “What will happen if…” “What should I be exploring now to resurface with success?” “When will I see some light at the end of the tunnel?” These are a few of the radical change questions people are asking. Now is the perfect time to manifest your mastery as you move through radical change!

Numerology gives you access to timelines, vibration energies that affect your decisions, and patterns to help you understand what is happening. It will also give you insights to where you are at in 2020 and what you need to be doing to activate your creative thinking mind. This mental creativity activation will give you permission to explore searching for a new direction and perhaps a new reality for yourself. This can be vital information to inspire hope, to give you more clarity, and to explore new directions in your personal and professional life. May is the perfect time for you to explore options and opportunities to Pivot Your Destiny… Lori and I are exploring new ways for us to create a system with a simple process to inspire and guide you during this time of radical change. Stay tuned! ~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist