Wes Hamilton

Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

February 2020 Manifesting Heartful Relationships

February is often referred to as the month for love, relationships, and romance. Numerology gives you a vibrational energy understanding of why this works best in February. February is the second month of the year and the number 2-vibration is encouraging you to explore the needs and desires of your emotional body in relation to who you are connected to in your personal and professional life.

This year 2020, the vibrational energies of the 2’s are merging with the 2- vibrational energy of February 2+2+2=6. The vibrational energy of 6 activates the energy of your heart. This activation encourages you to explore all your relationships – karmic, family ties, connections with friends, your partnerships, and of course the love of your life!

All too often you may find yourself in a relationship that has outlived its purpose in your life. This year, February’s vibrational energy will be encouraging you to take time out of your busy schedule and observe and experience your personal relationships. Ask yourself, “Is this person that I am emotionally connected to heartful? Do I still feel joyful when we connect?” You also may want to ask yourself these same questions with people you are connected to in a business partnership!

Here are three signs a relationship may have run its course; 1.) you do not look forward to spending much time together 2.) the conversations you do have seem boring 3.) you have run out of common interests to share and enjoy. In 2020, February’s energy is all about manifesting heartful relationships, and numerology is very clear about making you aware of how your personal timelines can affect relationships, career changes, and lifestyle changes.

If you have concerns about who you want in your life, February is the perfect time explore how you can manifest heartful relationships for yourself. So, what is a heartful relationship and how do you manifest this for yourself? First, I suggest you explore at a very deep level, who you are! Heartful relationships happen best when you can share and communicate from a place of knowing who you are and what you desire in a relationship.

Heartful relationships happen naturally when two enlightened people come together knowing that together they will create a combined energy of love, light and fullness with whatever they desire to manifest. Heartful relationships will also have personal values that support and validate each other. I believe the most important factor of success for heartful relationships is they will use feeling words to express themselves, so they know what is happening emotionally with each other in the present moment.

Numerology shows us that relationships can become our greatest teachers. When you enter any type of relationship, whether it is with yourself, someone else or something else; you enter the awareness classroom filled with mirrors. These relationship mirrors begin showing you who you are and what behaviors annoy you or inspire you to enjoy the present moment. Be mindful, awake and aware! You are learning so you can make any course corrections necessary to manifest even a better heartful version of you!

~Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist