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TL;DR my experience:

Numerology is a weirdly spot-on tool that can shed insight into how you’re living your life, what roadblocks you’re experiencing and what your life purpose is!

Did you know that Pythagoras invented numerology? He designed formulas to help people understand themselves. Sacred math and numbers?! Sign me up!

It was super fun to re-get to know myself and I hope that you’ll do a little digging as well!

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Here’s what happened!

Echo Bodine hosts a monthly Aurapalooza at her headquarters in Minneapolis. I knew before I went that there were only two people I wanted to see. Unfortunately, one was completely booked but I lucked out that Wes was available and was so generous with his time.

He put in my birthdate and full name into his custommade app to pull up my numbers.

And forgive the bad pun, but he had my number. LITERALLY.

From analyzing my birthdate to first, middle and last names, this report really nailed it. Take a look at my names broken down and what they mean.

When you add all the parts together and distill into one number you get a 3, which is your destiny number. My destiny number means that I’m supposed to be spending my life finding my voice and helping others through writing, speaking and coaching

My biggest challenges are staying present and communicating my emotions. I love, love LOVE daydreaming about different scenarios and I’m always working on communicating my emotions on a higher level. My astrological rising sign is a Cancer so I have A LOT of emotions but I’m not good at sharing them or being vulnerable. Who relates to that?!

Luckily, both of my numbers match up in the “what you will be” and “what you want to be” sections. This made me feel seen, and confirmed that I’m on the right path forward.

Wes said in our session, “I’m here to inspire and teach people to bring them to a new level of understanding to the world around them.”

Who doesn’t like that?!

This session was life affirming, fun, and nerdy. It was a great opportunity to do a deep dive into the numbers that form our lives and inform who we are.

Get to know Wes in 5 short(ish) questions!

Wes Hamilton brings a blend of extensive practical experience and extraordinary mystical know-how to his work. He has a unique gift of working with clients who seek measurable business results as well as individuals who are seeking the next step on their personal path towards a life with purpose.

In the practice of intuition, energy and life skills, Wes is a Master. He weaves ancient wisdom with modern technology to create peace, manifestation, and joy in both his personal and professional life. As a Master Numerologist, clients throughout the world seek his guidance and insight regarding important decisions. He is a certified national trainer of Awakening Your Light Body.

In the world of business, Wes is a successful and sought after Real Estate Broker. He delivers results by offering a unique blend of knowledge, experience, skill and intuition. As a Core Passion® Co-Author / Authorized Facilitator, Wes has worked with corporate groups that have acknowledged his facilitation gift, remarking, “Our meeting agenda allowed three days for us to accomplish our goal. Working with Wes, we reached that goal “magically” in 3 hours!” Wes applies this same skill and talent as a Professional Coach and Mediator.

When asked about the accomplishment he is most proud of — he might tell you that it’s his “degree” from the Graduate School of Life Learning. Wes’s approach to work and life has been shaped by meeting the challenges of his personal spiritual journey — which include facing the sudden death of his father, having a “near death experience” himself as a result of a major car accident, divorce and going through the process of personal bankruptcy. These major life changing events gave Wes the chance to reevaluate his priorities and refine the gifts and tools that he uses in his work.

The bottom line? Wes helps his clients create change, get results and live a life fueled by passion.

How did you get started with numerology?

I was attending a 2- week spiritual retreat with the Melchizedek Priesthood in Sedona AZ. I was walking with a group of attendees. I started a casual conversation with the lady walking side of me about the retreat. Soon she asked me for my full name and my date of birth, I began thinking oh-oh I might be talking to a stalker! After a few minutes later she explained she is a therapist and uses a practice of numerology with her clients to help them better understand themselves and what their life is all about. She began telling me things about myself that no one else knew, I was not sure I knew what she knew about me. It was amazing, I was shocked.

I studied with her for several years to learn this amazing art and science.

Why would someone want to get a numerology report done?

People who are curious about life, their life in particular wanting to gain amazing insights about themselves can benefit from a numerology report. Questions are answered about who they really are being in this lifetime. Many people get excited to know what their path in life is about, their Destiny! Another benefit with numerology, it calculates personal timelines from the day you are born. You get to understand what is happening for you, with you and why.

What can someone expect to happen during a reading?

Well at expos I do a quick 15-minute reading that gives you a comprehensive overview of your life with several timelines showing what has happened in your life and what is scheduled for you to experience in your near future.

When I do a complete workup of your numerology chart I spend one hour with you using 3 different programs explaining the bigger picture of your life with timelines for the next 12 months. I package this information in a personal booklet for you to refer to over the next year. I also record your session so you can re-listen to it again as necessary.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about numerology?

I believe some people are afraid of many things that answer questions and offer insights with tools and practices that have not been approved by authorities in their community. I believe numerology may fall into this arena. The curious thing I find about numerology is that Pythagoras created the version we use today in 600 BC, he is known and respected as the father of math. Scientists use his formulas today in all aspects except numerology to gain insights and solutions to today’s questions about life. Why is numerology hidden?

How do you think magic/spirit/the great unknown appears in numerology?

Numerology is a magical mystical tool that Spirit and the great unknown uses to measure frequencies of energy. Numbers and letters create a vibrational energy frequency. I believe Pythagoras was very connected to his spiritual guides when he developed the numerical formulas and interpretations numerology uses today.

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Get Trained in Numerology!
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Validated Passion Measurement Assessment (Also highly recommend!)

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