Wes Hamilton

Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

November 2018 – Listen For Purpose

This year there is a rare vibrational energy happening in November and this rare energy opportunity will not occur again until 2027! If you have become more present and developed your listening skills this year, this rare energy alignment will be giving you signs, symbols, and messages about knowing and pursuing your higher purpose.

Your higher purpose is what I refer to as your Destiny. What is it you and your higher self, the spiritual part of you, plans to do in this lifetime? What will be your role to help humanity and mother earth get to experience a win-win humanitarian lifestyle?

What makes this November so powerful? Numerology uses the vibrational energy of numbers to explain what’s going on behind the scenes. Here is why this November is so powerful. It is the 11th month and numerology says 11 is a master number that awakens and inspires people who are listening and searching for a deeper meaning in life.

If you recall, my earlier forecasts have been referring to 2018 as a master number. When you add the digits of 2018 together, it equals an 11 which is a master number. This month becomes powerful and rare because when you add these two master numbers of November and 2018 together it becomes another master number of 22.

This master number of 22-vibrational energy encourages you to listen for your purpose in this life. This 22-vibration asks you to listen to your intuition as you begin to pay more attention to the bigger understanding of who you are being and who you are becoming. This conscious awareness begins to happen while you are observing and listening to the signs and symbols that will be placed on your path this month.

This 22-vibrational energy will give you vibrational hints and glimpses of information that will trigger the amygdala part of your brain. The amygdala is the intuitive part of your brain that communicates with your prefrontal cortex which is the analytical part of your brain. When these two communicate and work together, you understand the subtle messages better.

Here are a few examples of what your purpose in life could look like:

  • Be happy with who you are
  • Explore and experience the mysteries of life
  • Learn to be authentic
  • Experience and support your environment
  • Live mindfully and passionately
  • Leave a legacy
  • Believe you are worthy
  • Pursue self -actualization
  • Love without judgement
  • Express your talents, skills and feelingsBest days in November to listen for purpose are November 1-30.

~Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist