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Listen For Direction

Would it not be amazing to wake up in the morning and be able to have a sense of direction for your day? Would it not also be great if you had a way to get a sense of direction for what your week, month or year was about? What if you were able to get a direction for a much bigger awareness of who you are and what your life is really about?

If you’re a guy, you probably don’t like to ask for directions! This month, April’s vibrational energy plus the vibrational energy of 2018 is doing its best to make you aware that answers and directions are everywhere within your environment. This April, you will be prompted to learn more about the art and science of listening for direction. It’s like going on an Easter egg hunt!

April is the 4th month of the year and this vibrational energy is inspiring you to get focused with a plan for learning to listen. The energy of 4 is practical and organized. It is committed to creating a plan with direction and clear vision. The 11/2 vibration of 2018 is creating the energy for you to learn to listen.

When these two energies form a collaborative force field this month, you will find yourself wanting to listen for direction. I believe one of the first keys to activate this experience is to ask a really good question that will engage your intuition! Asking a question that inspires new ideas and perspectives is the best way to open your creative intuitive mind.

I want to share with you one of the ways Lori and I listen for direction every day for our personal and professional life. We discovered many years ago that answers really are everywhere. The secret is finding ways to reveal them and understand the encoded messages they speak with. The mystery schools have kept these secret pathways to finding answers alive for thousands of years.

However, before you ask your powerful thought-provoking intuitive questions, you need to have a good subject matter to ask the question about. Here are a few common areas for you to consider as you ponder your questions. Try sitting mindfully and reflect on one or more of these areas for direction; career choices, relationships and family, health needs and concerns, or spiritual direction and beliefs.

Once you have chosen your subject matter, you are ready to ask a really good question. You might start with, “What do I need to know about my direction in ________________ (your subject). Next, choose an intuitive practice to use with your question. A good place to start is with a deck of cards – angel cards, tarot cards, or some type of consultation cards. Lori and I created an amazing set of consultation cards called the Quest Deck. We discovered this is one of our favorite practices for answering questions by engaging input from the voice of our intuitive self for guidance.

To start, ask your question and draw 3 cards randomly from the deck. Place them face down starting from the left to the right. The first card represents where you are at today as you are asking the question. The middle card represents the actions or activities to do to find the solution and direction. The third card represents the direction and outcome of your question.

This practice is one of the listening skills that really work for us. There are many other intuitive practices available like Numerology, which I like to do when I look at bigger timelines and direction. There is also Astrology for longer-range answers. Also, you can use regular playing cards for insights and direction. A pendulum is good for yes or no answers. Many people use divining rods when listening for answers. As you listen for direction, you can also meditate, journal, or go to a psychic. Perhaps you can simply open an inspirational book to a page randomly.

The purpose of my newsletter this month is to make you aware of the fact that answers are everywhere. If you are a bit skeptical, I suggest you try 3 or more options to listen for direction. Observe if there is a theme or a commonality to the answers you are receiving. If there is a theme, perhaps you could take a risk and explore a little more of the unknown when listening for direction.

Best days in April to practice the art and science of listening for direction are April 1-30.

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