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2018 is a very special year! Numerology shows you the vibrational energy is 2+0+1+8 = 11/2. This is the universal year to learn the art and science of Self-Mastery! This means for the next 12 months you will have many opportunities to learn to listen and master your intuitive listening skills.

This special 11/2 universal year vibration is very rare, it will not happen for you again until 2027. If you have been anxious to learn how to develop or increase your intuitive listening skills, the good news is you will have lots of ramped up energy and opportunities to support you. You will be inspired to engage in mastering this powerful communication skill this year.

Last year in 2017, you started on a new nine-year vibrational century cycle embracing the energy of enlightenment. This new cycle will be much different than the last nine-year century cycle. Your last nine-year century cycle (2007-2016) was about manifesting, money, material satisfaction, and the awareness of how power and money can be used in many different ways. This nine-year century cycle is about being a humanitarian by creating win-win experiences and outcomes in your personal and professional life.

You became aware in the last nine years of how the 8-energy of power and money can be used for the good of a few or for the good of all. Here are two examples of what that looked like. Wall Street’s financial collapse 2007-2009 created a great depression, caused by sub-prime lending practices. Good for a few. UNICEF’s (United Children’s Agency) budget has grown to 5 billion dollars. Good for all.

In 2018, you are moving into the second year of your new 9-year cycle. You will have many opportunities to be a humanitarian as you learn to listen when you meet and engage with what I call your companions of destiny. Your companions of destiny are people who you meet by coincidence. These are people who have a passionate common interest in exploring something greater than them. These people are searching for their greater purpose in life.

At the time you meet, you will feel a strong intuitive connection with them. You sense a resonance of familiarity, you will have a strong sense of wanting to connect and explore collaborative possibilities and adventures. This collaborative feeling will happen when the energy of this new 9-year humanitarian century cycle is activating your passion to explore and create win-win opportunities. This collaborative energy will inspire you to remember we are all one.

This year Numerology will also inspire you to learn and develop the skills to the art and science of patience. The 11/2- energy of 2018 can be very frustrating when you find yourself impatient and in a hurry. This 11/2- energy is designed to integrate the ideas and desires you already set in motion in 2017. Whenever you start something new, the universe requires time to align the vibrational energies of your requests. This alignment is necessary for the gestation period to generate a successful outcome for you as you create your future.

Are you aware there are 3 levels of listening? This is really helpful and extremely necessary information for to know, especially in 2018. Many times you may believe you really are listening to what is communicated. Yes, you are listening, however at what level?

You are probably listening at level 1 whereas you listen you tend to hear the words of what is being communicated. Listening at level 1 is called internal self-listening. As you listen, you tend to be primarily aware of your own opinions, your own stories, your own judgments, your feelings, and your own needs.

When you begin to listen at level 2, you become totally engrossed with what is being communicated. Listening at level 2 is called focused laser listening. You tend to focus on every word with a desire to learn, solve a problem, or really understand all of the nuances involved in the communication so you can be of service.

As you begin to make a practice of listening at level 3you are in a state of soft focus totally aware of the energy of the communication source. Listening at level 3 is called conscious intuitive listening. You are intuitively sensitive to how and when the energy changes, and subtle shifts in the attitude of the source. You are also consciously aware of the environment and what’s going on in the environment. This is the level where your intuition will be most available to you in the form of understanding metaphors and imagery flashes.

In 2018, the art of level 3 listening can be an amazing practice for you to develop. You will gain a quicker access to understanding insights and the answers to questions about yourself. As you practice level 3 listening, you will get answers quickly to critical questions you may have concerning your relationships, your career, your health, and your spiritual path. These important answers can come to you more clearly when you ask a really good question. Most often questions are posed with yes or no solutions. Questions like should I? Or could I? Not much in the way of listening skills needed here to find your answers. These questions are not helpful in developing a good practice for learning to listen.

When you ask a really good question, you are taken on a passionate experiential journey to learn and grow. Really good questions can be dangerous . . . they require tremendous courage to ask because new questions lead to new ways of perceiving. Really good questions will give you intuitive possibilities and solutions from several different perspectives. Really good questions activate your subconscious mind.

Here is the dilemma! Your subconscious mind does not have a language, it communicates with images and metaphors! This is why listening at level 3 becomes so important for you to develop and master in 2018. Really good questions begin with “What more do I need to know about ________________”. Now the adventure begins as your insights and solutions appear while taking you into deeper parts of yourself!

Let’s look at how you can best take advantage of learning to listen in 2018 in the 4 primary areas of your life.


No matter what career you are currently working in, learning to listen can be a valuable tool for you to grow and develop your skills. In today’s work environment, experts agree that communication skills are rated above knowledge and work skills. Being able to use level 2 and level 3 listening skills will put you in a position for earning more pay and put you on a path of leadership.


In all relationships, both personal and professional, listening skills make you a Rock Star! Everyone wants to be acknowledged and heard. When you become a really good listener using both level 2 and level 3, you connect at a really deep level of understanding and caring. You become someone who cares and you will be there for others when needed.


Paying attention to your body and listening to its needs is vital for your survival. Your body has several ways to communicate with you through your thoughts, feelings and experiences. If your body has something it needs you to pay attention to, it may create a really loud message like getting sick, breaking a bone or running into a door. To maintain excellent health, learn to listen daily at level 3 and start a contemplative practice of journaling.


Whatever spiritual practice you follow will be enhanced if you add a meditation practice to quiet your mind. In 2018, your guides and angels will have a much better chance to communicate with you when your mind is open and listening. Level 3 listening works best for this spiritual experience. Remember your subconscious mind is where your spiritual messages come from. This part of your mind communicates with metaphors and imagery. To get to most out of 2018’s Learn to Listen messages; I suggest you create a time and choose a specific place to develop your listening skills. I also strongly suggest that you to buy the book “Dictionary of Symbols” so you will better understand your coded messages.

Each month in 2018, I will give you insights and solutions to navigate your course during this powerful year as you learn to listen. Each month the vibrational energy will be shifting and changing, I will be here to facilitate and guide you on your journey with my newsletter and my blog. As you begin to learn to listen, you will find yourself creating more peace, abundance, and joy!

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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