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Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

November 2017 Listen And Learn

The last 3 months of your year are vibrating with a much higher double-digit vibrational frequency than the first 9 months of the year. From January through September you were experiencing the single digit energies of 1-9. The first 9 months are designed to create a vibration for you to learn how to thrive and survive in your everyday world.

Numerology reveals that every year from October through December, you are experiencing the higher vibrational double-digit energies. You are being encouraged to explore the power of living in this world of passion-filled experiences. While this is happening, you are also accessing the light-filled energies of your intuitive spiritual world to better align with your inspired higher purpose.

November’s Master Number 11/2 energy resonates for you to access and develop your intuitive skills. Your intuition connects to your subconscious mind; this is where the non-thinking mind lives. Your non-thinking subconscious mind does not use logic, strategy, or reason to provide information for you. Your thinking mind uses the neocortex part of your brain and your intuition uses the amygdala part of your brain. These 2 parts of your brain must develop a way to understand and communicate with each other; this can be difficult because the amygdala part of the brain does not have a language!

Numerology’s wisdom is encouraging you to listen and learn about the greater gifts you have access to when you quiet your thoughts and listen to your intuition. This listening ability becomes enhanced every year in the eleventh month (11), November. Numerology says, when double-digit master numbers appear your life, (11, 22, 33, 44, etc.) your intuitive inner spirit and your everyday world are more closely aligned to communicate and support each other. Also, your angels and guides have a greater chance to get your attention so they can guide and support you.

This year, think of November as a pregame practice for you to embrace and develop your listening and learning skills. Numerology’s wisdom wants to make sure you are aware that 2018’s vibrational energy 2+0+1+8 is also 11/2. Next year, you will have 12 continuous months to practice, learn, and develop the art and science of listening and learning to your intuitive self. You get the whole year to develop your communication skills with your intuitive inner spirit, your angels, and your guides.

You also need to know, this powerful mystical physical/spiritual yearlong energy of 11/2 alignment rarely happens. The last time this powerful yearlong 11/2 vibrational alignment happened was 2009! Before that, it was very rare to experience a continuous 11/2 vibrational yearlong experience. Look at how rare this is and when it last happened – 1910, 1901, 1820, 1802, 1730, 1703, 1640, 1604, 1550, 1505, 1460, 1406 etc. I believe we are being offered more opportunities today to listen and learn ever before. Now is the perfect time for all of us to awaken to who we really are so we can become more aware of our true purpose in life!

The good news is this 11/2 vibrational alignment is happening again in 2027. So if you get too busy thriving and/or surviving in 2018, you only need to wait until 2027 to take advantage of this physical/spiritual alignment to get you connected to your natural flow of the Universe.

Best days to listen and learn in November are November 1-30.

~Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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