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Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

October 2017 Take A Risk

Last month the energy of September encouraged you to “clean your closets”. You needed to do this so you will have a clear energy field that allows you to step into the void and take a risk to move forward with your 2017 Intentions.

It can be difficult stepping into the void to take a risk armed only with trust, faith, and your vision to give you the inspiration and confidence to move ahead. If you haven’t cleaned your closets of self-imposed responsibilities, or messages from your critical inner voices like “I should have, or perhaps I could have”, you will be hesitant to do anything risky to improve your lifestyle. Still, time to clean your closets!

October is the 10th month of the year, and the vibrational energy of the number 10 is encouraging you to take a leap of faith and move forward with inspired passion and purpose. Your life can take many paths when you open yourself to the possibilities of going on an adventure that may inspire you to become greater than you can imagine.

timing, purpose, and direction

Looking back into my past, I realized many of my greatest life-changing moments always started in the month of October when I took a risk.

  • In October 1963, I took a risk and joined the United States Air force and enjoyed many flying adventures with a great group of people.
  • I took a risk in October 1970 when I started my interior decorating business, which provided me many rewards working with creative happy people.
  • In October 1973 I took a risk when I started my journey into the void exploring the amazing unseen world of Spirit, learning its magic and its power.
  • I took a risk in October 1976 when I started my Real Estate career, which continues to fuel my passion of helping people buying and selling their homes.
  • In October 1993 I took a risk when I started Insights Consulting and Training guiding people to discover their greatness by exploring their uniqueness. Today this continues to fuel the passion and purpose of my spirit. To date, I believe this has become one of my greatest rewards.

    October’s vibrational energy comes from the number 1 – new beginnings, leadership, and inspiration. The number 0 vibrates to the energy of wisdom – spirit, and God. These 2 vibrational forces merging this month will inspire you to “Take a Risk”, move outside of your comfort zone and step into something that may take you into greater experiences and rewards. Greater than you can even imagine

I can tell you from my experiences if you are willing to take a risk, Spirit will guide you into opportunities for you to create many adventures as you go on your journey through life to find your passion and purpose. When you are in these experiences, you will have many challenges, options, choices, and rewards. These physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences are all designed to provide a place for you to learn and develop many powerful tools and practices to survive and thrive. These opportunities are valuable keys to the puzzle of finding your passion and purpose.

Your spirit uses these opportunities to inspire you to become all you can be in this lifetime. Taking risks can be a really good thing!

Best days in October to step into the void and take a risk are October 1-10, 13, 14, 16, 19, and 22.

~Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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