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June 2016 Commitments, Contracts, Continuities

Did you know that June is the most popular month in the whole year to get married? Yes it makes sense, the weather is usually ideal, the flowers are in bloom and the bees are humming around to inspire you to get busy with honey!

In addition to the obvious environmental conditions being ideals for weddings, June is also the magical month of personal growth by entering into other types of commitments, contracts and continuities.

Last month you were inspired by the energy of 5 you may have been pushing your limits by wanting more of something like food, alcohol, or money. Perhaps you were one of the many writing purchase agreements to move to a new location (Real Estate sales were high in May).

Numerology explains these different cycles by looking at the numbers. June in the 6th month of every year and the vibrational energy of 6 is working with the energy of Commitments, Contracts, and Continuities.

Though out history commitments have evolved from a simple handshake to complicated written contracts. Our current culture wants to legally hold you accountable, to make sure you agree to the continuity of the contract, to follow through with your promises.

June’s 6-vibrational energy is also about justice, and judgments that is why so very often it becomes important to make things “legal” when you agree to enter into your commitments, contracts and continuities. June’s energy wants to create an equal energy exchange between the contractual parties that have made a verbal commitment.

Lets look at the additional vibrational energy messages being created this month. When you add June’s energy of 6 to 2016’s energy of 9 you get 15. June’s 6-commitment energy aligned with the energy of 1 inspiring new directions and the desire for independence. The energy of 5 represents your innate desire of freedom and the concern of big changes happening.

OMG with these mixed messages of you wanting to make a commitment, plus you wanting your freedom, plus you wanting to be independent will require you to do some soul searching and get clear on what you really want. Once you get clear and focus for your future vision, June’s energy will support your decisions with the power of passion to succeed.

HAKUNA MATATA (don’t worry, be happy) June is vibrating to the energy of your Heart’s desires.

Best days for Commitments, Contracts, and Continuities: 2,4,6,8,11,13,15,17,20,22,24,26,29

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