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Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

August 2015 Push, Practice, Perform

This month you need to focus on your desires and keep your mind on your Vision to accomplish in 2015. August’s powerful energy is going to tempt you and push you forward to stay on track.

August is the 8th month of the year and the energy of 8 has a way of making things happen in the material world. If you stay focused, manifesting will be easier for you this month. Push yourself to practice meditating and journaling. Take action to organize, plan, and make commitments to perform using your best efforts.

Being successful takes practice, commitment, and focused actions. This is your month to make some major financial decisions that will affect your Vision for the rest of the year, perhaps for the next several years.

2015 is an 8 year and you may have been feeling the serious energy of 8 to accomplish something big. This month you will be feeling this double-dip vibration of 2015 (8) plus August (8). Added together they equal a super charged 16/7 vibration known as the catalyst energy of movement to push, practice, and perform.

This 16/7 super charged vibration also brings up karmic energies of past relationships. Karmic relationship energy can be a really good thing if you are being rewarded from people you have helped in the past. They will show up to help you this month. However, if you have some relationships from the past that you have some unpaid karmic emotional debts, you may be distracted and pushed off course while practicing and performing your activities and actions to manifest.

Your key to success this year is to practice-practice-practice staying focused and committed to your desires, dreams and your Vision for 2015.

Remember! In 2015, the power of (8) influences you to:

  • Accept your purpose (know who you are)

  • Access your power (connect to Source)

  • Learn the art and science of manifesting to produce results

    In August 2015, your focus is:

  • Push yourself to stay focused (meditate and journal)

  • Practice your manifesting skills (Discover-Believe-Create-Live)

  • Perform your activities and actions (your daily “to do” list)

    The best days in August 2015 for you to push, practice, and perform are: August 1-8, 10-17, 19-26. 

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