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April 2015 Harness, Healthy, Habits

April’s message is, “it’s time to build a success plan for your future.” This is the perfect month for you to develop a plan that becomes easy to follow, simple to apply and natural to accept. Your new success plan elements will include: no thinking about what to do, no decisions about when and where to apply it, and no hesitation about will it really work for you!

Sounds like a great idea, right? Perhaps you are wondering how you can make this happen. Building your 2015 success plan can be really quite simple; the secret is to harness healthy habits!

April is the 4th month of 2015 and Numerology says the vibrational energy of 4 is encouraging you to plan, build, and apply your knowledge, talents and skills. April 2015 is the “opportunity month” to accomplish your vision by engaging your passion, powered by your purpose to produce your results.

Think about the habits you have already implemented in your daily routine. Habits like: setting your alarm to wake up, brushing your teeth, drinking coffee or tea to get started, putting on your seat belt, driving to work, going to lunch, checking your email, etc. These habits become a natural part of your day.

When something becomes a habit you don’t think about it, the habit becomes a routine. In her book “Better Than Before”, author Gretchen Rubin states, “Habits become the invisible architecture of your daily life”. When you change your habits, you change your life.

April’s vibrational 4 energy gives you an opportunity to build, to develop, and harness healthy habits. Your new healthy habits will become your new architecture for success and produce the results you want to accomplish in 2015.

Charles Duhigg’s bestselling book, “The Power of Habit”, says the secret to developing new habits is to work with the structure of the habit. Author Duhigg says all habits have a 3 step pattern. 1. Reminder (the trigger that initiates the behavior), 2. Routine (the behavior itself: the action you take) and 3. Reward (the benefit you gain from doing the behavior).

Want to change your habits to be productive? Our research shows that you have unique Core Passion® Codes that are driving all of the choices you make. Becoming aware of why and how these Codes work is a short cut to understanding the 3 R’s of habit change. When you Know the secrets of your Core Passion® Codes you will gain insights of WHY and HOW to develop and harness new healthy habits for yourself.

The best days for you to harness healthy habits are: April 1-5, 10-14, 19-23, and 28-31

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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