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I believe that each human is totally unique.  This feeling of uniqueness is often stirred to the surface when you ponder in your quiet moments the sense of “I believe I have a purpose, perhaps a mission.” This deep feeling is the belief that you have something of great value to share with the others. The Quest starts with the questions, “who I am and what am I here to do?”

I really believe “Within your uniqueness lies your greatness”. Your true purpose is to first discover your uniqueness. Once you become aware of your uniqueness and special purpose, you must believe you can learn the knowledge and develop the skills to fulfill your destiny.

Then you must decide to either move forward and explore or stop and wonder. Moving forward creates many opportunities and experiences for you to learn the secrets of ancient wisdom by practicing the art and science of developing your greatness. Making a commitment and investing in yourself is the next step to begin your personal journey. 

 When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do.

When you are ready, I will successfully mentor and guide you to step into your greatness. Using my proven system, with a powerful process, and specialized tools, you will soon discover who you are and you will know what to do.

With each newly found awareness, you will feel more confident, inspired, and focused to live into your greatness as you fulfill your destiny.

Warmest Regards,

Wes Hamilton, Master


November 2014 Sense, Source, Soon

This year November is asking you to develop a sense of where your brilliant ideas, mindful thoughts, and everyday concerns come from. This month spending some time with yourself to understand the source of how your mind works and where the information comes from will be very beneficial.

When you sense the source, you become aware that your analytical mind can only work from your past, your present and your imagined future. Soon you will learn you have another source to access. Soon you will begin to notice some of your ideas come from your intuition.

Once you trust and allow your intuition to guide you, then very soon you will be able develop a whole new way of recreating your past, living in the present and influencing your future. Soon you will realize the value of this amazing gift called intuition.

This month the vibration of 11 heightens your intuition because it is the 11th month of the year. Every year, in November, you are offered a time to enhance this amazing source of information. Your intuition is always waiting for you to trust and apply what you are given when you take the time to listen.

Let’s study the effects of November’s (11) intuitive vibrational energy when it syncs with the 2014 vibrational energy of (7) surprises, secrets and solutions. Adding 11 + 7 = 18/9. Know that this (9) letting go energy is influencing you this month. It will help you understand why you feel challenged to let go of logic and reason to allow your intuition into your life as a source of information to source and sense. This month is your time to accept surprises, secrets and solutions as a new way of learning. This transition may not happen soon, it may take all month for you to become a believer!

Believing in your intuition plays a big role in your life in attaining self-mastery. The wise mathematician, Pythagoras, and the mystical wizard, Merlin, knew the secret to your success. The secret is “Know Thy Self”. November is a powerful teaching month for you to learn more about who you are as you stay busy doing what you do.

Did you know? . . . When you become aware of who you are, you can accomplish twice as much in half the time. This is a proven fact!

This month I suggest you spend 20-30 minutes each day:

  • Mediating to connect with who you are

  • Journaling to share your subconscious mind with your conscious mind

  • Developing a sense of trust with the source of your still small voice within

    The best days in November for you to use the energy of sense, source, and soon are: 2, 7, 9, 11, 13, 16, 19, 20-22, 25, and 29. 

~ Wes Hamilton – Master Numerologist 

©2014 Wes Hamilton 612-308-2962