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I believe that each one of us are totally unique.  This feeling of uniqueness is often stirred to the surface when you ponder in your quiet moments the sense of “I believe I have a special purpose, perhaps a mission.” This deep feeling is the belief that you have something of great value to share with the others. Your personal Quest will start with two questions, “who am I  and what am I here to do?”

I really believe “Within your uniqueness lies your greatness”. Your true purpose is to first discover your uniqueness. Once you become aware of your uniqueness and special purpose, you must believe you can learn the knowledge and develop the skills to fulfill your destiny.

There comes a time when you must decide to either move forward and explore or stop and wonder. Moving forward creates many opportunities and experiences for you to learn the secrets of ancient wisdom by practicing the art and science of developing your greatness. Making a commitment to invest in yourself is your next step to begin your personal leadership journey

 When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do.

When you are ready, I will create your personal timing chart and successfully coach and guide you to embrace your greatness. Once you begin using my proven system, with my powerful process, and specialized tools, you will soon develop more confidence to own the leadership qualities of who you are and you will know what to do.

With each newly found awareness, you will feel more confident, to become more inspired, and become commited to live into your greatness as you fulfill your destiny.

Warmest Regards,

Wes Hamilton, Master


2015 Purpose, Power, Produce

2015 is here! This is your year to produce results, make it happen, and manifest your dreams.

In the last 7 years, you have been asking and praying to the Universe to be helped and guided to manifest your desires. Now is the perfect time to try out what you have learned. The energy is ripe for you to apply your acquired knowledge, skills and talents. The vibrational energy of 2015 (8) is all about discovering that a key piece of your purpose is to connect to your creative power to produce results. The energy of 2015 is manifest, manifest, manifest!

Last year, you spent 12 months in the (7) vibrational energy of 2014. You were connected to the energy of stillness, caution, fear, trust, intuition, inspiration and illumination. You were learning to be quiet; to listen to your inner voice and trust the information you were receiving. Hopefully, you were meditating and journaling and kept good notes on what you were told by your powerful inner voice.

Have you ever pondered the thought, “Why am I here? What is my purpose?” This is your year to answer these questions about who you are, and why you need to know your purpose. This is the year for you to realize and accept that you really do co-create your reality. In 2015, the manifesting energy of (8) is in alignment for you to use your personal power. It’s time for you to get excited, and become passionate. You need to focus on your purposeful intentions. Become energized and engaged with powerful actions and activities to produce the results you desire.

There is a little known secret in understanding the messages of the numbers by knowing the energy of the symbol that represents the numerical energy. Look at the number (8) - it is really the infinity symbol. The symbol is telling you that the secret to manifesting is to create a mystical practice of weaving the unseen (spiritual) energy together with the seen (form) energy. When you apply this practice, you will realize you really are the catalyst, you are the channel, and you are the co-creator.

If you have the number (8) somewhere in your numerology chart this year, it will double the energy for you and your abilities. This energy may show up as a gift () or a challenge ().

In 2015, the power of (8) influences you to:

  • Accept your purpose (know who you are)

  • Access your power (connect to Source)

  • Learn the art and science of manifesting to produce results

    You will experience this opportunity as a gift if you have spent some time learning self-mastery. The energy of (8) may become a challenge if you have not taken much time to learn more about who you are. If this manifesting energy is challenging you, I suggest you find a teacher and start exploring self - mastery. Quickly!

    Let’s look at the numbers that create the powerful manifesting energy of 2015. The vibration of the (2) energy is guiding you to think and act with the energy of relationships. The vibration of (0) energy is the relationship of Spirit or God coming along side of you as you co-create and manifest. The vibration of (1) energy is building your relationship to your higher self; this keeps you connected to your intuitive energy. The vibrational energy of (5) is encouraging you to take a risk, become competitive, reach outside of your comfort zone, and expand your horizons.

The message of 2015 is to develop a relationship with yourself and a higher power, trust your intuition, know who you are, say what you want, and “Go for the gold!” 2015 will be an amazing year to manifest if you know the secrets of who you are and what you want.

The powerful energy of 2015 (8) will awaken your inner feelings of ambition. You will feel more confident, more powerful, and ready to take on bigger challenges. You will have a least one big decision to make this year. Think of this year as a graduate course. You will be tested and evaluated.

Looking at the four pillars of your life, this is how the 2015 manifesting energy of (8) may be influencing you this year.

Career: You may get a promotion if you are working to achieve more responsibility. You may decide to change careers to have more control of your future. You may borrow money to expand your business. You may develop a new product. You may buy a company. You may move into management. You may be advanced to manage a larger aspect of your company. You may receive a gift, inheritance, or a grant.

Relationships: You may discover new ways to communicate with your family. You may discover it is difficult have control over friends and family. You may find your management skills at the office are not as effective at home. You may decide to relocate. You may need to find a way to encourage your family and friends to be excited and supportive.

Health: You may discover it is time to commit to a healthy lifestyle. You may become aware that eating habits need to be more mindful. You may begin an exercise program. You may find having a meditation practice is actually good for you. You may find that all work and no play is not fulfilling. You may discover a balanced lifestyle is very rewarding.

Spiritual: You may discover the value in spending quiet moments several times during the day is exhilarating. You may discover having a belief in a higher power is comforting. You may realize that empowering someone is a win-win experience. You may discover the unseen world has lots of power for you to access.

Dreams come true this year when you believe you are a co-creator of your destiny! 

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

©2014 Wes Hamilton 612-308-2962