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I believe that each human is totally unique.  This feeling of uniqueness is often stirred to the surface when you ponder in your quiet moments the sense of “I believe I have a purpose, perhaps a mission.” This deep feeling is the belief that you have something of great value to share with the others. The Quest starts with the questions, “who I am and what am I here to do?”

I really believe “Within your uniqueness lies your greatness”. Your true purpose is to first discover your uniqueness. Once you become aware of your uniqueness and special purpose, you must believe you can learn the knowledge and develop the skills to fulfill your destiny.

Then you must decide to either move forward and explore or stop and wonder. Moving forward creates many opportunities and experiences for you to learn the secrets of ancient wisdom by practicing the art and science of developing your greatness. Making a commitment and investing in yourself is the next step to begin your personal journey. 

 When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do.

When you are ready, I will successfully mentor and guide you to step into your greatness. Using my proven system, with a powerful process, and specialized tools, you will soon discover who you are and you will know what to do.

With each newly found awareness, you will feel more confident, inspired, and focused to live into your greatness as you fulfill your destiny.

Warmest Regards,

Wes Hamilton, Master


October 2014                         Fears, Fools, Fantasies


Well September may have felt like a very challenging experience as many transitions were occurring by heralding in the “The beginning of the end” of summer.


 Fears seem to appear when endings are approaching, you begin to develop thoughts and deep concerns about what’s next, what things will I have to let go of? You realize you have grown very attached to your thongs.


October is designed to give you a fresh start. It’s time to reorganize and reboot yourself and your goals after September’s energy was encouraging you to let go of whatever Thoughts Things and Thongs may have been impeding your growth. October’s 10- energy is creating a vibration of “Higher Will”. With this in mind it’s time to look at the “Why” you want what you want. It’s time for you to apply some new perspectives by using the mystical tools of the Fool.


Fools have a difficult tome explaining them selves, they go where their fantasies take them. Fools appear to have dreams and fantasies that cannot be explained with logic. To the practical person, Fools are dreamers, however, what if the Fool knows how to manifest with magic? Fools have Fantasies, but what if their Fantasy is a vision of something others cannot see? What if fools have skills, knowledge and secret formulas of how to use focused energy, with magic to manifest?


October is asking you to play the role of the Fool, it’s time to release your Fears and manifest your Fantasies. Numerology explains October’s 10-energy is about you (1) and God (0) joining forces to manifest. October’s vibration is guiding you to believe in, trust and connect to the unseen forces of the Universe to manifest your Fantasies. This month, it is time for you to override your Fears. Be the Fool; use the mystical, magical, manifesting tools to make your dreams come true.


Lets explore how the energy of October (10) merges with the energy of 2014 (7), well look at that! It adds up to the energy of 8. Eight is the energy of power, money, producing, alchemy, and manifesting. This month’s vibration is teaching you the secrets of producing results by applying the practices of the Wizards, Mystics, Masters and Fools. If you become intrigued with this mystical process, you will need to let go of your Fears of looking Foolish, Throw away your Thongs, and release your attachments old thoughts and things.


The Best days of using the energy of Fears, Fools, Fantasies are: Oct 1,3,7,10, 11,12,16,18,21,25,30.


~ Wes Hamilton – Master Numerologist 

©2014 Wes Hamilton 612-308-2962