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I believe that each human is totally unique.  This feeling of uniqueness is often stirred to the surface when you ponder in your quiet moments the sense of “I believe I have a purpose, perhaps a mission.” This deep feeling is the belief that you have something of great value to share with the others. The Quest starts with the questions, “who I am and what am I here to do?”

I really believe “Within your uniqueness lies your greatness”. Your true purpose is to first discover your uniqueness. Once you become aware of your uniqueness and special purpose, you must believe you can learn the knowledge and develop the skills to fulfill your destiny.

Then you must decide to either move forward and explore or stop and wonder. Moving forward creates many opportunities and experiences for you to learn the secrets of ancient wisdom by practicing the art and science of developing your greatness. Making a commitment and investing in yourself is the next step to begin your personal journey. 

 When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do.

When you are ready, I will successfully mentor and guide you to step into your greatness. Using my proven system, with a powerful process, and specialized tools, you will soon discover who you are and you will know what to do.

With each newly found awareness, you will feel more confident, inspired, and focused to live into your greatness as you fulfill your destiny.

Warmest Regards,

Wes Hamilton, Master

August 2014 Manifest, Money, Magic

Are you ready to manifest money magic? If you are, August has the vibrational energy for you to make manifesting believable. First, you need to be aware you already manifest every day. However, to manifest money it will work better if you believe in magic.

Manifesting is also a powerful combination of knowing who you are while applying the art and science to the mysteries of alchemy. The secret to your success happens when you develop your magical skill levels. The first magical skill: develop your clear intention. (What is it you really want?). The second magical skill: use the power of your focus. (Where is your attention placed every day?) The third magical skill: energize your commitment to take the necessary actions and activities that are required to accomplish your intention.

Many people believe that money is a powerful measuring system to measure your success of manifesting. The common thought seems to be “If I had more money, then everything would be alright!” Many people also measure things like peace, health, abundance, and joy; especially when these qualities are missing in their life. Whatever you want to manifest and measure, the process to achieve your desire works the same way.

Magic plays a huge role in manifesting because it asks you to believe and accept the fact that you don’t need to know “HOW” you will accomplish your intention. When you start believing in magic, you give yourself permission to accept the power of the unseen forces to partner with you in your mission to manifest.

The energy of August (8) sets the vibrational stage for magic to occur because the 8 is also the infinity symbol standing on end. This vertical position of the infinity symbol draws the power of the universe down into your everyday activities. When you believe in magic, you don’t need to know how it works.

When you know who you are and clearly announce your intention of what you want, the universe begins magically to bring the forces into play for things to appear in your life.

In August, this manifesting energy is prompting you to: decide, force, publish, buy, sell, build, accomplish, manage, control, focus, meditate, problem solve, trouble shoot, supervise, move forward, take a stand, believe in yourself and take charge.

The secret to manifesting is bringing the unseen energy forces into your life to create something of substance. When this magical manifesting skill is mastered, you will develop your confidence to all of the things I listed above.

Best days in August for you to manifest, money, and magic are: August 2, 7-10, 11, 16 -20, 25, 29.

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

©2014 Wes Hamilton 612-308-2962