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I believe that each one of us are totally unique.  This feeling of uniqueness is often stirred to the surface when you ponder in your quiet moments the sense of “I believe I have a special purpose, perhaps a mission.” This deep feeling is the belief that you have something of great value to share with the others. Your personal Quest will start with two questions, “who am I  and what am I here to do?”

I really believe “Within your uniqueness lies your greatness”. Your true purpose is to first discover your uniqueness. Once you become aware of your uniqueness and special purpose, you must believe you can learn the knowledge and develop the skills to fulfill your destiny.

There comes a time when you must decide to either move forward and explore or stop and wonder. Moving forward creates many opportunities and experiences for you to learn the secrets of ancient wisdom by practicing the art and science of developing your greatness. Making a commitment to invest in yourself is your next step to begin your personal leadership journey

 When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do.

When you are ready, I will create your personal timing chart and successfully coach and guide you to embrace your greatness. Once you begin using my proven system, with my powerful process, and specialized tools, you will soon develop more confidence to own the leadership qualities of who you are and you will know what to do.

With each newly found awareness, you will feel more confident, to become more inspired, and become commited to live into your greatness as you fulfill your destiny.

Warmest Regards,

Wes Hamilton, Master

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Need answers? Fast-paced living creates situations where you need quick answers, guidance, and direction. Focus on who to be, what to do and when to pursue.

I created a numerology dashboard that runs on iPad, iPad Pro, and iPad mini.  You can see all the key numbers on one screen.  There are two reports including a summary page, and a complete report listing of all the descriptions.

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2016 Release, Reform, Refocus

This year will offer you many opportunities throughout the year to release, reform and refocus with several of the energetic contracts you have been working on the last 8 years. Numerology explains the vibrational energy 2016 is a 9-year. You are wrapping up and completing things that you started in 2008. It’s time to celebrate what you have learned more about the gifts of your insights, your abilities and your progress of learning more about who you really are as you do what you do.

Here is a look back at my 9 year forecast I wrote back in 2007. Read through the timelines and see if you can recall how you have worked and grown to become who you are today. This was published in the Edge Magazine in 2007.

In 2008 - (1) a one year. You will sense a strong need for new ideas, new commitments, new projects. You are ready to begin your new 9 year journey with new “eyes and a new vision”

In 2009 (2) a two year. You will become more aware of your relationships, to yourselves, your Passion, and your Purpose) you will need to be mindful of your time lines.

In 2010 - (3) a three year. You will become aware how your environment becomes your laboratory and your playground to create the life you choose to have.

In 2011 (4) a four year. You will begin to build and develop your new dreams and plans into practical applications for living the life you have chosen to create.

In 2012 (5) a five year. You will into enter into the energy of chaos, everything outgrows it’s form, you are in the energy of expansion beyond your comfort.

In 2013 (6) a six year. You will search for balance in your life. New growth has challenged your family, your friends, and your boundaries. You will become more aware of your responsibilities.

In 2014 (7) a seven year. You are feeling the urge to research your intentions, dreams and desires.) You are perfecting yourselves through your inner awareness of your exterior results.

In 2015 (8) an eight year. You will find yourself wanting to force things into results. This will become a joyful or frustrating year depending on what you have learned.

In 2016 (9) a nine year. You will celebrate your abundance. It’s time to discard old ideas and things that you no longer need. You are becoming aware of how the art and science of manifesting works for you.

~Wes Hamilton December 2007


This year (2016) is all about what you will hang on to and what you will let go of in your personal and professional life. This will cover many aspects of your career, your relationships, your health, and your spiritual beliefs and practices.

According to numerology, you and the world are completing a major 9 year cycle. In the overall picture of life, you are being influenced and challenged to survive or thrive. You have been experiencing the gifts, challenges, benefits and rewards of people using the power of money, management, and manipulation to achieve their desired goals. (Remember the global financial meltdown?)

In 2016, it becomes important for you to step back and look at the bigger picture of who you are, where you are headed, what you want, and why you want it. It is time for you to release out-worn relationships with people, places, and things that no longer fulfill your desires.

This year you will be given “time out” opportunities to reform your old default patterns of the ways you have been responding and preforming in your personal and professional life. This year you will sense a strong desire to amend or change the ways you have been responding to situations. This restructuring will happen when you no longer feel responsible to show up and fix things as you have in the past. You are learning to observe, experience, and detach yourself when necessary.

Take the opportunity to step back and look at your life from the “balcony” this year. I believe you will be inspired to refocus your dreams of what you want your life to be about. You will have several opportunities in 2016 to do this restructuring as you reform your intentions and your vision to better suit the lifestyle you desire. You will begin to see where you can restructure, modify, and transform the many ways you can creatively manifest the peace, abundance and joy you really crave.

This 9-year energy is like a graduation and celebration from the last 8 years of learning about who you are. You have been navigating through many lessons and experiences while you were practicing the art and science of manifesting your dreams in 2015. As you celebrate and graduate this year, you will want to release everything that continues to block you from manifesting with ease. You will want to reform and refocus your understanding of knowing who you are. You will need to create a clear vision of what you want. You will become empowered when you use your unique energy matrix of passion to become the co-creator of your life.

When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do. Remember, your greatness lies within your uniqueness.

Lets look at the Core Passion® FOCUS 4. Everything you are connected to and everything you do is connected to these 4 quadrants of your life. The energy of 2016 will influence you over the next 12 months as you release your past, reform your present, and refocus your future!


Career: You may find yourself looking at the greater purpose of your life. Begin reflecting to see if your career path provides you with fulfillment. You may be drawn to foreign travel and look for ways to have a career that supports your desire. You may explore ways to volunteer your time helping others improve their lifestyle. You may decide to sell your company and look for ways to improve your work life balance. You may look at opportunities to take your products and services to the world. You may study a foreign language or partner with a foreigner or a foreign country.

Relationships: You may explore the bigger picture of where the world is moving with foreign countries and people from those countries. You may study the history of human cultures, how they evolve, and how they thrive. As you look at several of your own relationships, you may decide it is time to only be with people you really enjoy. You may decide to end several long-term relationships that no longer feel right for you. You may decide to take a trip to foreign countries. You may decide to sell your home. You may have a desire to do a major purging with things in your car, your home and your office.

Health: You may decide to explore the benefits of living a balanced lifestyle of work/play, busy/quiet, early/late, more/less. You may decide it is time to join a health club and commit to a routine exercise program. You might look in the mirror and commit to losing a few pounds and tightening up a few loose areas of your body. You may buy a “Fit Bit” bracelet to keep track of what you feed your body and how many steps you actually take in your day. You might look at the benefits of eating organic food, drinking more water, and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. You may read books and articles about living a longer, healthier, happier lifestyle.

Spiritual: You may accept there really is a higher power that provides many opportunities for you create the lifestyle you desire. You may be drawn to explore the truths and hidden mysteries of life - architecture, sacred places, symbols, designs, stories, rituals, and ceremonies that our forefathers left for you to discover.

You may explore the inner- self-benefits of yoga, meditation, Ti Chi, walking in nature, and journaling. You may even explore the meaning of life after death, and the journey of the soul. The unseen world is filled with answers and information for you to explore. You need to have the courage to ask for insights and guidance by asking really good questions. Then let the adventure begin. . .

2016 is going to provide you with many opportunities to release, reform, and refocus as you prepare yourself to begin your next 9 year cycle in 2017 to become even more of who you are.

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist 

©2016 Wes Hamilton 612-308-2962