Wes Hamilton


Eye-Opening Class
November 5, 2020

Thanks for an awesome, eye-opening class.  This morning thoughts are really clicking.  I remember my last thing on the page from class was clear direction.  I said yesterday that I got it, albeit not in the way I was thinking.  I was thinking I would have a bigger picture come in.  Today it is flooding in.  The pieces of my past that have built me up to this place.  I also know what the past piece is that I need to do which I am going to do this weekend.  As I am letting all of these pieces come in, I am thinking of a transition plan.  I have to say that the last golf ball exercise really was incredibly powerful.  It showed me my defaults for staying small all these years.  And it was perfect for all these years.  I have been that loose cannon with some speaking my ideas, later not understanding why they didn't get it.  The majority of people have seen me at the heart level, which is one of my greatest gifts.  Many people trust me from a deep level.  Now, I can find a way to craft my message so that they can "hear" at a whole different level. 

Eye Opening
December 1, 2016

Thank you for the Numerology reading and accompanying C/D it was both affirming and eye opening. I am very excited to begin working with you, I am looking forward to finding some inner peace and having a clear vision for my purpose. I wish you all the best the Universe has to offer.

Changed My Life
December 1, 2016

I just want to thank you again for the work you do; it has changed my life. I am grateful for your Knowledge you share, your gifts and your insights.

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