Wes Hamilton

Timing is Everything

April 27, 2022

Universal Abundance always flows and comes through in many different ways and forms. As human beings, it is our divine right and nature.

However receiving it can be blocked by old limiting beliefs and patterns(conscious & subconscious) keeping our energy low, stuck, and not in the flow. This has been from my personal experience, especially in regards to relationships, time and money.

They say when the students are ready the teacher arrives!

11 years ago (2007), the teacher, Wes Hamilton arrived in my world.

Since working with Wes, my perspectives on abundance, money and time have changed immensely. Not overnight, but as an unfolding process beginning with Wes’s numerology reading(s), the Core Passion work, meditation, attunements. Diving deep into my core to uncover who I was, my values purpose and mission in this lifetime. In taking this time of inner work to discover, believe, create and live out my authentic passion, purpose, and vision, my being was ready to receive Wes’s money attunement. In the last 3 weeks of receiving this attunement, I have watched money & opportunities flow into my life at high-speed levels-“out of the blue” unexpected miracles. I believe the miracles have occurred, because the subconscious/conscious patterns and beliefs that were limiting me, were out of the way enough for the attunement to work efficiently and effectively.

I highly recommend Wes and this attunement for those who have taken the time to learn, grow and embrace their authentic passion and purpose. Those who have a desire to be of service and share their gifts and talents with the world. To offer abundance is to receive abundance!

Thank you so much Wes Hamilton for helping me to understand what it means to live abundantly from the inside out and seeing that reflected back to me through the wonderful people and resources, financial and otherwise!

God Bless You!

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