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Meditation classes are beginning in 2018!

Meditation is a known stress-reliever and often helps your physical and mental health.

Group classes meet once a month from 9a to 4p on a Saturday and include continental breakfast, full lunch, with water, coffee, tea, chocolate, and snacks.

The courseware follows the work of Daben and Orin with the Awakening Your Light Body audio recordings.

This course has been designed by DaBen and Orin for those of you who are open to
the new and want to live in the higher ways you know are possible. This is a step-by-
step program of meditation to teach you how to become aware of increasingly higher
dimensions and yourself as you exist there. As you work with your light body, you will gain more sensitivity to subtle energies of your soul and the soul plane.


Is meditation right for you?

How can you know if you are ready? Here are some questions to help you determine if you are ready now.

  1. Have you been on a path of spiritual growth for a while? Are you ready to be on an accelerated path of growth?
  2. Are you interested in experiencing higher, expanded states of consciousness?
  3. Is finding and living your higher purpose important to you?
  4. Are you fairly open to the new? Are you willing to let go of those things that no longer serve your higher good, and are willing to create those things that do?
  5. Are you somewhat self-reliant and creative? Do you trust your inner guidance and seek to follow it with action?
  6. Do you believe you create your own reality?
  7. Are you aware you have a Higher Self and Soul? Are you drawn to such things as meditation, learning to channel, developing your psychic or clairvoyant abilities or other things that expand your consciousness?
  8. Is your spiritual growth important to you and are you willing to devote some time and energy to it every week?
  9. Are you receiving inner guidance to create new things in your life, to put more time and energy into your higher path and purpose?
  10. Have you learned how to deal with the emotional issues that may come up as a result of being on a path of spiritual growth? Do you look for the good in ever experience?
  11. Are you sensitive to energy? Do you want to learn more about subtle energies and how to work with them?
  12. Do you believe you deserve to have a wonderful, joyful, and abundant life?

If you have answered “Yes” to the above questions, you may be ready to awaken your light body.

Go within and ask for guidance to see if meditation with Awakening Your Light Body is your next step.

~ Wes Hamilton, Awakening Your Light Body teacher

Next monthly class starts January 13, 2018, in New Hope, MN

Call 612-308-2962 or Contact Us to register.

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