Wes Hamilton

Hang on, shifts and changes are happening this month! May being the 5th month has a strong disruptive vibrational energy designed to break up old patterns. May brings chaos! The good news is without change we would be stuck in boring and restrictive patterns just like in the movie “Groundhog Day”. Changes are easier to deal with when you have a heads up that they are on the way.

In the early days around 600 AD in May, there was a great celebration every year in Europe called the Beltane Fire Festival to mark the change from Spring to Summer. This celebration was to activate our passion to remember we are creators. Another more familiar May celebration that started somewhere in Germany or Europe marked the beginning of summer and is called the Dance of the Maypole. On May 1st multiple-colored ribbons are tied to a tall pole and children dance around the pole holding on to the ribbons. This celebration was designed for us to remember we are creators. To create we must start by planting and fertilizing for summer.

Numerology is showing us that there are lots of disruptive changes happening this year – globally, locally, and internally as we learn to heal our differences. With all the 2-energy in 2022, these changes are affecting many of our relationships. This sensitive 2-energy is working to heal our differences in our emotional body. Being the creators that we are, often the path of healing our emotional body starts with experiencing the pain. Then we start transforming the pain energy into the acceptance that we are all one. This inspires the energy of love.

This month, the 2022 vibrational 6-energy of healing our differences merges with the powerful vibrational 5-energy of May. It awakens the energy of 11/2, the Master energy. When this Master 11/2 energy is present, it inspires everyone to awaken and listen to their intuition for messages about change. Remember we are creators; we can create a new reality!

It’s time to take advantage of May’s opportunistic 5-energy of change, 2022’s 6-energy of healing, and the 11/2 Master energy. I suggest you prepare by doing the following three practices:

  • Take time to reflect on your personal and professional life. Become aware of what needs to happen for you to activate your passion (Beltane fire) so that you can live into your dreams.
  • Identify your passion that may have been lying dormant for quite some time. Find the energy and the words to awaken your passion.
  • Plant the seeds of your dream (Maypole Dance). Express the energy of your awakened passion with words. Commit to fertilize your dream seeds so that they will grow and bloom.

If you find yourself needing some help identifying and awakening your passion, we have an easy-to-use Core Passion Assessment to help you find your words so that you can energize your passion. Go to www.CorePassion.com to get your assessment. Get started now to claim your dreams so that you can make them real.

~Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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