Wes Hamilton

It’s time for you to hunker down and get serious about moving forward with your life. Everything has changed. In 2020 (during the vibrational 4-energy) the Pandemic attacked our outdated ways of living and that caused our systems, plans, and structures to break down. This breakdown forced all of us to take a deeper look at how we were living and what we were planning to accomplish.

This year 2021 is vibrating with the powerful 5-energy of freedom, changes, and breakthroughs. We find ourselves struggling to find solid ground so that we can get back to some type of “normal” living again.

By now, most everyone has begun to realize the “solid ground and normal living” lifestyles are gone from our old ways of thinking and doing our life. Whenever the 5-energy shows up in your life, it is a big wakeup call saying it’s time for a change.

I believe numerology is showing me many of our big changes have already happened and some will continue to happen in some manner for many more years. I believe it’s time for all of us to embrace and create the necessary personal and professional changes we need to make so that we can get into the flow of our new lifestyle.

Numerology suggests that you choose October’s vibrational 10/1-energy to get serious about your new lifestyle changes. It’ time to “get out of the weeds” of confusion and move forward with a new plan to pivot your destiny. October’s 10/1-energy has the vibration for new beginnings. October’s 10/0-energy vibrates to the energy of all things are possible, God energy.

Here are a few ideas for you to think about. As you start looking at the necessary changes, you can pivot your destiny forward to get into the flow of your new lifestyle.

  • Identify what changed in your life – was it personal, or professional, or both?
  • Explore the deeper aspects of your lifestyle and who you are being currently in your life.
  • Look at your numerology chart to show you what needs to take place for your success.
  • Think about moving forward with your dream of someday.
  • Discover the energies of your Core Passion Codes to power your dreams forward.
  • Explore options and possibilities that you can use to make your dream come true.
  • Join a class, find a mentor, gather a group of like-minded people to support each other.

These suggestions are like the practices Lori, and I use to make changes in our life. We also use these and several more practices in our online classes to get people out of the weeds so that they will feel confident to pivot their destiny. We are all in this together. We will make it through these changes and become better global citizens for it because we did go through these challenging times.

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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