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Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

November 2020 Master Angel Messages

Do you believe angels share messages with you to help you make it through the day? Do you believe you may have spiritual guides sending you messages? Well if you do, great! If you are a bit skeptical about these mystical beings communicating with you, then it may be helpful for you to explore the possibilities of this being real.

Numerology offers you vibrational energy information about this time of the year that will inspire you master angel messages that will enhance your life experiences.  Why is the vibrational energy of November 2020 and communication with angels so important? I believe November’s vibrational energy is prompting you to experience the 11/2 energy also known as the first double digit angel messages number.

Angel messages can be a bit tricky to discern. Most of the time they come encoded and they are quite subtle. You will miss most of them if you have not learned how to quiet your mind. To master angel messages, you really need to be serious and committed to learning how to listen with your intuition awake and turned on to receive mode.

If you are ready to accept the possibilities of angels sending you a personal message, here are 11 ways angels use to get your attention. These become real when you put your doubting mind away and allow the magic to happen.

  • Finding a feather (especially a white feather) in an unusual place
  • Ringing in your ears is how angels change the frequency to communicate
  • Finding coins just when you may be pondering your finances
  • Seeing a rainbow especially if it not raining, even better a double rainbow
  • Seeing angel numbers like 11:11, 3:33, 4:44 etc. on a clock, address or, a license plate.
  • Clouds shaped like a heart, a face, or an angel image that gets your attention
  • Temperature change in the room (usually cooler) means your angel is present with you
  • Music on the radio with a song that has meaning for you, and or songs played often.
  • Hearing your name called and there is no one else around you means it’s time to listen.
  • When you may be pondering an issue and a sign or billboard has the answer you need
  • Goose bumps or a sense of touch on your face, a rush of energy or warmth in your body.

To get the angels to communicate, it works best if you have a question in mind that you desire an answer. Angels work best when you are seeking guidance or solutions. Of course, your angels always are watching over you to keep you safe and on the correct path in life. However, there are many times you may be wandering mindlessly through life and your angels need to do something drastic to keep you safe. These unusual incidents can look like your car not starting, your alarm not going off, or perhaps missing a flight that had issues.

Whatever happens in November, I suggest you ask your angels for help, guidance, and signs.

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist.

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