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Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

October 2020 Master New Opportunities

Have you become aware there may be new opportunities appearing on your path everywhere, every day? Yes, it is true! Your conscious awareness sees these nuggets all day long. So, if you don’t sense this is true for you, perhaps your conscious awareness is not activated to its full potential. Perhaps it is not even activated at all.

Maybe you are not really sure of what I am talking about. Here is what I am referring to when I say conscious awareness. This is when the part of your brain that is consciousness is having an awareness of your body, your environment, your thoughts, and your feelings. Another way of saying this is, are you staying present or better yet staying mindful as you meander through your day?

I believe your spirit gets bored during the day if you are not actively involved with doing something that brings you joy and fulfillment. During these non-mindful moments, I believe your spirit takes your consciousness on a joyride to find something more entertaining. These joy rides can look like when you see a sparkling object, or perhaps a squirrel. Often when your mind wanders it enters into a “daydream” for entertainment.

October being the 10th month of the year offers you the opportunity to practice the valuable vibrational energy gifts of mindfulness and conscious awareness. How does this happen? Your very own self -awareness is activated by the vibrational energy of (1) and your very own consciousness begins vibrating to the energy of (0) God. Merging these two energies (you and God) in October is inspiring you to be mindful and more self-aware so you can master new opportunities that cross your path every day.

Here is a key component for you to know more about. When you are looking for new opportunities to master, you need to have a desire to create or manifest something. You must have something you want to have happen for you. You can’t see an opportunity when you don’t have a target or a goal to accomplish. Opportunities are always presenting themselves. You only see them when you are looking for insights or clues to help you solve the problem or accomplish your goal.

It is also very important for you to know about and understand there is an increased higher frequency vibrational energy during October, November, and December. These 3 months are always raising the energy to adjust your awareness to be conscious of living a more purposeful lifestyle. The double digits double the energy.

  • October (10) is AWARENESS (consciousness)
  • November (11) is SPIRITUAL (angel messages)
  • December (12) is CREATIVY (alchemy)

Now that you are aware that there is a new energetic awareness opportunity in October for you, I suggest you take a few quiet reflective moments to ponder what dream or dreams you would like to bring into your reality. Once you have identified what you want, watch and be amazed how often during your day you will receive insights and clues about the necessary actions and activities required for you to manifest your desired opportunities. This is a similar experience as when you buy a red car and suddenly you become aware of how many red cars are on the road!  Enjoy!!

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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