Wes Hamilton

Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

July 2020 Master Your Intuition

Once you master your intuition, you will have a trusted source of information to guide you with many of your personal and professional decisions. Mastering your intuition can be tricky. I believe my/our intuition is a least 70% – 75% accurate. Learning how to listen to your inner guidance will take a little practice if you have not spent much time paying attention to why you know what you know. Often these intuitive experiences get brushed off as a coincidence.

July is the 7th month of the year and the vibrational energy of the number 7 encourages you to take time out of your busy schedule to get quiet, thoughtful, and mindful to explore your inner self. In todays unsettled world, you will find the best source of information will be coming from that quiet small voice within. With so much “fake news” it can become a fearful experience to not have a trusted source of the truth to access.

So how do you learn to pay attention to that still small voice within? It takes practice! You must develop a relationship with yourself. You must take the time to listen. You must learn to quiet your mind to the noise of everyday information. If you take the time to find your intuitive self, you will be rewarded with confidence. You will find that often you do know the answers to information that crosses your path. You will find that a coincidence is really your intuition serving you naturally.

Here are 7 easy practical ways for you to cultivate and master a connection to your intuitive self.

  • Become aware to your feelings, like a gut feeling, a feeling of joy or a feeling of concern.
  • Keep a dream journal by your bed, record your dreams, look for themes and messages.
  • Spend 20-30 minutes a day writing in a journal. Write everything that comes to your mind; don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, or making sense out of it.
  • Learn to notice small things in your surroundings that you experience during your day.
  • Learn to observe, learn to listen, learn how to sense things, learn how to feel things.
  • Develop a daily meditation practice for 20-30 minutes. Start with guided meditations.
  • Walk in nature, daily if possible. Learn to connect to the trees, the animals, the birds, the earth, the sky, the clouds, the sounds, and the energy of life happening.

Here is another interesting piece of information, we all connect to our intuition in 4 different ways. You have access to all 4 ways of connecting. Soon you will be able to recognize which of the 4 ways comes easiest or quickest. Becoming aware of what you use most of the time will give you a way to prioritize how this inner knowing works best in different circumstances. This is especially important to know as you become more aware of how your intuition communicates with you.

  • Clairaudience: This most commonly appears as a voice you hear that is not coming from someone who is physically present.
  • Clairvoyance: This is “the flash in your mind’s eye,” when you have a vision of a future event that later happens.
  • Clairsentience: This is feeling emotions or sensations that includes the energy of those around you.
  • Claircognizance: This is instantaneous knowledge that can appear as an instinct. It is said to be the equivalent of a light bulb turning on.

I see this skill being one of the most valued practices you will want to develop for the next several years as we all learn the art and science of becoming more of a humanitarian planet. If you learn to master your intuition, you will find yourself doing the right thing at the right time more of the time.

~Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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