Wes Hamilton

Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

June 2020 Master Healthy Boundaries

Wow after 3 months of hibernating, we are free to move out of our shelter in place! Yea… This is really good news for all of us who have become “Zoomies” during the day working remote, then experiencing digital “Happy Hour” at 5:00 PM. After dinner many of us have transitioned into becoming “Zombies” in the evening watching Netflicks!

However, with this new freedom to move about and gather with each other comes with some very important responsibilities. We need to acknowledge and accept there may still be a risk of spreading the Covid19 viruses. We need to master healthy boundaries! I believe now and forever more, we need to listen to our true self, that still small voice within ourselves.


This will be very challenging this month because the vibrational energy of June’s 6-energy is encouraging you to connect with family members and friends. Every June we experience more opportunities, like weddings, barbeques, and social events to celebrate with each other. June’s 6-vibrational energy reminds us we are all one, we need to connect and celebrate who we are being as we do what we are doing.

So how do you become a master of understanding, respecting and living within healthy boundaries for yourself and with people in your environment? Well first, I believe you must know who you are and explore the gifts and challenges of your mindset. Second, I believe you must explore the gifts and challenges with the energetic boundaries of your heart.

If you have a fixed mindset, it may be challenging for you accept new information unless it agrees with what you already have as your opinion. If you have a growth mindset it may be easier for you to accept new information as you continue to learn and grow. If you are open to becoming aware of your heart energy, you will want to pay closer attention to your feelings. *Side note “Do you find yourself being more of giver? If so, are also open to be a receiver?” June’s energy loves to give and share.


This month you will be encouraged to master healthy boundaries by observing and listening to the mindset messages of your mind and feeling messages of your heart. Whenever you are on a path of mastering something weather it is a skill, a lesson, or a practice it becomes very important for you to know that you must focus and engage continuously. It is the muscle memory, the nerve memory, and the consciousness energy that needs to create new brain patterns that brings you to a place of mastery.

The month of April’s 4-energy this year was about mastering your mindset, the month of June’s 6-energy this year is about mastering the energy of your heart. Weaving these two energies together as a team will give you the ability to master healthy boundaries in your personal and professional life well after we pass through this current crisis.

I suggest you experience the art and science of Mastering Healthy Boundaries this month by paying attention to this; on the odd numbered days observe your mindset about practicing healthy boundaries, on the even numbered days observe the messages of your heart. This practice will help you to develop and build your inner team to achieve a sense of mastering healthy boundaries.

~Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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