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Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

October 2019 Awakenings Create Joy

Hopefully, last month, you have experienced and completed September’s 9-month energies of feeling physical, mental and emotional transitions. Numerology identifies these transitions with personal chart timelines of when people, jobs, plans; struggles are no longer needed in your life. Transitions are necessary for these out grown learning experiences to be left in the past.

Hopefully you were able to embrace and execute the 9-month transitional energies of September by closing the door to experiences that needed to end in your life. If you were successful with your transitions, are you are ready to embrace October’s 10 month vibrational energies that can awaken you to many more rewarding things for you to experience? Are you ready to become even more excited to begin creating more joy in your life?

October’s 10- month vibrational energies want you to feel and allow the confidence to move forward as you explore what your greater purpose could look like in your personal and your professional life. October’s vibration does this by using the energy of (1) encourages confidence, leadership, and connection to your higher self. Then activates the energy of (0) that vibrates to the energy of God, of completion, and all that can be. Together these energies will continue this month to inspire and support you to reach into your dreams and your desires by really listening to your still small voice within.

The last 3 months of the year have a much higher vibrational energy because of the double digits working together are creating a stronger, clearer message. September’s equinox creates an energetic shift that can awaken and prepare you to explore more ways to know more about who you are so you can achieve more clarity about what you are here to do during your lifetime. The first 9 months of the year are primarily used for creating, building and establishing ways to plan, create and enhance your personal and professional life.

Awakenings happen when all of a sudden you become aware of something that feels profound. Often times these awakening revolve around what appears as a unique coincidence. Sometimes your dreams will give you clues to set up awakenings to happen in your near future. Awakenings can happen after you have been working on finding answers to something for a long time, suddenly the “lights go on” and the solution will appear. Awakening usually happen when you are quiet, reflective, mindful, and connected to your higher self.

This month I suggest you set the stage for your awakenings to occur by “Stopping  the noise” this happens when you are meditating, going on walks in nature, sitting by the water, journaling, de cluttering your life, expanding your mind, examining your limiting beliefs, and learning to release and let go of un necessary responsibilities.

Best days in October to awaken and create joy are: 1,3,5,7,10,11,12,14,16,19,21,22,23,25,28,29,30

~Wes Hamilton, master numerologist

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