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Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

Transitions Create Joy

Transitions are not always easy to make happen when you are not sure what lies behind the next doorway to your future. Most of the people that come to get a personal numerology reading are in some type of transition in their personal and or professional life. What they want to know is, what new opportunities to create more joy in their life will be waiting for them once they move through the transition doorway into their future.

September is the ninth month of the year and numerology reminds you it’s transition time. Numerology says the number nine signals completions and transitions. Notice how nature always heeds the 9-energy vibration and begins its transition from summer into fall on September 21, the fall equinox. Parents and kids begin the transition from summer vacation to back to school. Interesting how the school year lasts 9 months and then the transition happens again back to summer vacation.

This year Lori and I are experiencing several transitions. Lori’s mom Marian, transitioned to Heaven, and Lori’s dad Curt, transitioned to living alone after almost 71 years of marriage to Marian. Lori is transitioning to be the matriarch of the Palm family. I am transitioning from being a full time Realtor for 43 years to a full time Spiritual Life Leadership coach and Master Numerologist. This nine energy says September is completion time! It’s time for a transition to happen.

timing, purpose, and direction

Here is a helpful process to follow whenever you are faced with a transition in your personal and professional life.

  • Start with asking yourself and others, why this transition may be happening now? What is happening to you? What will happen next? Did you sense this coming?
  • Observe where you are at in your personal life timeline. Numerology has this information. Is this transition on schedule with where you are at in life now?
  • Gather information and explore what this transition might mean for you. Will there be opportunities to create more joy in your life?
  • Create an intention to explore options and possibilities for your future when this transition happens. What choices would be most beneficial for you?
  • Generate an action plan to engage your acceptance of how to move through the transition with confidence and a minimal amount of resistance.
  • Create a visualization of how you will look, how you will be living, and how you will be doing your new opportunity to create more joy in your life.
  • Gather emotional support and confidence talking about how your transition will create more joy in your life with family, friends and peers.

Here are the best days in September to move through a transition. The entire month, September 1-30, is designed to move you to a better place to achieve your passion and purpose.

~Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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