Wes Hamilton

Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

Manifest With Joy

Did you know manifesting is something you do all day long? Seriously, at some level of your awareness your life is exactly what you manifested! So, what if things are not going so well right now? You would agree that surly type of manifesting was not on your radar to be creating a challenging situation.

April is our 4th month of the year and its powerful 4-vibrational energy is reminding you to pay attention to your daily thoughts and words. Your mind is like a powerful computer, what ever you enter into the programing part of your brain manifests into your daily life experiences.

April’s energy is encouraging you to become more aware of how the art and science of manifesting can work for you. There are many resources you can research on the internet with books, webinars, blogs, and classes. Since April’s energy is aligned to manifest with joy, I suggest this month you take some time to explore how you can learn to manifest with joyful results.

I have discovered that there are four basic principles for you to accomplish in your manifesting. First, you must develop your practice of staying present; this can be one of the most challenging things you need to master. Second, the next most challenging skill you must master is opening your heart to acceptance. The third skill you must develop is to clear your mind of all the noise. The fourth skill to master is to create a clear vision of what you really want to bring into your life.

Like I said, manifesting happens all day long. This is where the first and third manifesting principles of staying present and clearing your mind is so valuable for you. Manifesting can happen in a nanosecond. If you find yourself reacting to something that you want to correct, you often times could be manifesting out of fear or anger. These types of fearful vibrational energies will just manifest more of the same frustrated types of experiences.

Manifesting with joy is the secret to creating many happy and joyful results that will continue to enhance your life. This is where the second manifesting principle of opening your heart to acceptance and the fourth manifesting principle of creating a clear vision of what you really want to bring into your life comes into play when manifesting. There is one simple question for you to ask yourself. What vibrational energy do I really want to manifest from – love or fear?

The best days in April to manifest with joy are: April 2-12, 20-30.

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