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Listen and Celebrate

I hope you have been actively listening this year. 2018’s vibrational energy is a Master 11/2 energy that has been inspiring you to become a better listener. The energy of 2018 has been teaching you to learn to listen in several unique new ways every month. Let’s review how were you learning to listen!

First, you were inspired to listen to love in February, listen to create in March, listen for direction in April, listen for opportunities in May, listen for advice in June, listen for clues in July, listen for solutions in August, listen for completions in September, listen for wisdom in October, and listen for purpose in November.

I have posted these monthly listening lessons on my website, www.weshamilton.com in the blog section if you want to revisit how you were developing your listening skills.

Now the 2018 December vibrational energy is inspiring you to spend some quality time to listen and celebrate you for becoming a better listener. You followed the natural vibrations the universe created and provided in many unique ways.

Numerology explains how December’s vibrational energy is encouraging you to be creative, have fun, and be expressive.  The vibrational energy messages of December will look like this 1+2=3. The energy of 3 is all about having fun, playing, creating, and celebrating.

Most often this year, you may have found yourself moving through your life being responsible, accomplishing your goals, taking care of family and friends, and doing the best you can to be a better person. However, you need to know that when you take time to celebrate you for all the things you do, it gives a message to your inner spirit of appreciation and gratitude for who you are being.

Celebrating activates your inner feeling energies of reward, enjoyment, fulfillment, closure or completion. These celebrations help you remember you are a powerful creative human being. When you make the time to celebrate, your inner spirit does a happy dance. It is happy you realize and acknowledge the powers you have and to create your life the way you desire.

Here are a few suggestions of how you could spend some quality time this month listening and celebrating you. Recall in the last 11 months when you:

  • Your Career: accomplished a small or perhaps a large milestone, and just moved right on to get the next project completed. December reminds you to celebrate your milestones by doing a happy dance, going out for a great dinner, take a mini vacation, or buy yourself a gift.
  • Your Relationships: created or received benefits or rewards from your new or existing relationships. December reminds you to celebrate your benefits and rewards by sending a card or gift to your friend, or perhaps take your friend to dinner, or perhaps take your friend to an event and create a memorable moment.
  • Your health: achieved a personal goal or milestone to achieve a better, healthier lifestyle and just moved on to create the next milestone. December reminds you to celebrate your better health milestones by buying yourself a gift, taking a picture of your new energy self, or perhaps take yourself on vacation to a place you dreamed of visiting.
  • Your Spiritual Practice: had one or more spiritual nudges or awakenings to help you create a more fulfilled life and forgot to celebrate. December reminds you to celebrate your spiritual nudges or awakenings by creating a new practice of following a regular spiritual path, attending a spiritual conference, or perhaps joining a class or spiritual mastery program.

Best days in December to listen and celebrate are:

December 3, 5, 6, 9, 12, 14, 18, 21, 23, 27, and 30.

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